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See what Yul Edochie said about the Igbos that got people talking (See Tweet)

Gswiz 06/29/2020

Popular Nollywood actor Yul Edochie has set the Internet going wide as he said some things concerning the Igbo people.

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Yul Edochie who is the son of popular veteran actor Pete Edochie said that the biggest problem of the Igbo people is that they are always fighting themselves, and allowing the enemies who are killing them to go scot free.

Instead of going after the killer or protecting themselves they keep throwing shades on each other.

Yul said this because of a tweet someone made concerning his fellow Igbo brother. He had to retweet and reply the tweet of Chinedu Livingston who posted the tweet that Yul replied. Some Tweeter users did not take it lightly with what Yul Edochie said.

Chinedu Livingston said in his own words:

ANY WHERE YOU SEE NNIA NWODO STONED HIM, Have you wondered why they are killing people in our land but #OHANAEZE president general, @NNIA NWODO cannot speak because he is a traitor and comes from the lineage of traitors, MNK 28/6/2020,@PeterObi @Amaka_Ekwo @YulEdochie

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Yul said in his own words replying the tweet:

This is our biggest problem as Igbos, always fighting ourselves while the enemy goes scot free. Why can’t you tell our people to stone the enemies who are killing them, to go after the killers & protect themselves? You’ll rather tell them to stone their own father. STOP IT!

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Below are screenshots of comments people made on the post, and you'll find out that some people are not happy with what Yul Edochie said:

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Top Comments
EmekaAghadi · 06/30/2020
Ewo ndigbo Ogini na eme unu every body is entitled to his or her own opinion respect for elders must be part of our culture very soon if we are not careful we can start killing ourselves ndigbo think of what we want not attacking each other.
+234-706774**** · 06/29/2020
Let the bleaching Yul caste the first stone. Bleaching fool
MarioIyke_01 · 06/30/2020
Yul I respect you so much because of good comments of your previous posts. But this time you sound partial, maybe your father is one of those Ohanaze elders. Imagine Ohanaze elders which Nnia Nwodo is their president, inviting the Nigerian fulani soldiers to kill the non violent IPOBs who are also their children, in the name of operation python dance. Selfdefence is not an offence, since our elders doesn't want to speak because they are working in hand with our enemies in the name of evil political greed. If your father hire your enemy to kill you, what will you do? Think about it before criticizing.
SaintCelex · 06/29/2020
It's a shame that anyi but Ndi Igbo ga aputa n' omo ahia na-agba egwu ka ndi ara. We keep making mistakes. Don't always look at wat MNk is saying look at other things. Echere m na anyi did too gullible. MNK doesn't mean well for Ndi Igbo ask me why. O Siri anyi atula vote na 2019. Mechaa si anyi gaa tua vote mgbe akwusiri inye PVC. wat was his reason, that they have signed those things he want them to sign. till today MNK has not told wat they signed. Now recently MNK and Asari are having issues bcos that. Asari said he kept all the money Atiku gave him to all Igbos vote.

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