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Just in - BBNaija's Cee-C involved in an accident as her car brake failed in Enugu. (Exclusive)

GSMafeng 06/24/2020

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A video has emerged online of Cee-C of BBNaija Double wahala involved in an accident as her brake failed in Enugu state today (few hours ago).

It was said that the reality star was driving her car on a tiny road when she tried to press the brake bit it was not working, she panic and continued driving until she hit a building. As seen in the picture above, the reality start can be seen in a state of disarray as she steps out of her car.

The video emerged on Instagram and has been shared by thousands of people, with fans sending their prayers to her. In the video, people could be heard shouting, as if her car hit someone. It is still unclear if she actually hit someone, or she hurt herself or even damaged a building.

The video showed a confused Cee-C running Helter skelter, while a large crowd begin to gather

We hope everything if fine with her.

More details coming shortly.

Source: opera.com
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Georgemafeng · 06/24/2020
i hope she is fine though

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