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Wednesday Night Prayer: Say This Powerful Prayer For God Protection

Sportsclub 06/24/2020

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Oh lord our Heavenly Father, your the eternal king of glory, I glorify your holy name for giving me the grace of being alive in the land of the living today, Thank you so much for your guardians and protection, And thank you for showering your divine favor in me. May your mighty name be praise forever and ever. Amen

Everlasting father we worship you today, we bent on our knee and seek for your forgiveness of sins in our lives, we have sin against you in several ways and yet you never let your blessings depart from us. Forgive us our trespasses father that we may be worthy enough to stand and praise your holy name. We have realize our mistake and we promise not to go back on them again. Pardon us once more and make us worthy to stand in your present. Amen

Eternal king of glory as we about to sleep to night, deliver us from every evil and terror that strikes at night, protect us and guide both physically and spiritually. Don’t let the arrow of the wicked hits us. Cover us with your precious blood that we may sleep and wake up in your glory. All this we ask with faith in our heart and we believe it shall come to past. Amen

Please like and share this powerful prayer, Type Amen below the comment box, May the goodness and mercy of our lord guide and protect you and your family.

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