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Reasons why President Buhari is right to validate Giadom's APC NEC meeting [Opinion]

Prechdaklins 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The All Progressive Congress political party (APC) is at this point engulfed in a political crisis over claims of the position of the Acting National chairman.

By APC constitution, the NEC is a higher body that can call for a truce or bring disciplinary measures to the APC national working committee.

Aside every other political affairs, Giadom is the elected substantive deputy National secretary who is now the legally recognised Acting National chairman of the APC.

However, this is how it happened and why president Buhari was right to accede to the NEC meeting he has summoned to resolve the lingering crisis in the party.

As an elected deputy National secretary of the APC, Giadom is by that position, the 5th highest ranking officer of the NWC trailing behind the National chairman, the Deputy National chairman (North), the deputy National chairman (South) and the National secretary. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The All progressive Congress political party (APC) constitution is very clear on succession and leadership in the event that the National chairman is suspended or otherwise removed from office.

The constitutional provision states that where the APC National chairman is suspended or otherwise removed from office, the deputy National chairman or highest ranking officer from the region where the National chairman hails from should take over.

However, you can recall that Adams Oshomole, the suspended National chairman is from the south and in the same region with Giadom.

Also, you can recall that the two deputy National chairman in front of him ( North and South) and the national secretary ahead of him in the party hierarchy had all left to contest general elections.

However, some of them won and those that lost were appointed as federal ministers by president Buhari. Hence, this makes Giadom to become the next in line of hierarchy.

APC constitution restricts its party members from holding government positions.

This automatically removed the two Deputy National chairmen and the National secretary who are now respectively holding elected or appointed government positions from membership of the APC NWC.

More so, based on clear provisions of the APC constitution, in the absence of a substantive National secretary, Giadom as Deputy National secretary became the Acting National secretary.

Giadom new position as the Acting National secretary placed him next in line in protocol to the National chairman.

Recall that before Adams Oshomole's suspension as National chairman, he put up two names that were accepted, one from the south and North, to replace the Deputy National chairmen (North and South) who had left, leaving Giadom as the Acting National secretary.

This development, now left Giadom as the 4th in hierarchy and protocol to the National chairman.

However, upon Oshomole's suspension from office, the APC constitution required that the highest party officer from his south region should take over.

Ordinarily, this should be the Deputy National chairman (South), if he was duly elected.

This therefore, led to Giadom going to court for a declaration that the office of the Deputy National chairman (South) who was supposed to take over from Oshomole was vacant as the occupant of the office of the Deputy National Chairman (South) was appointed and not elected in a congress in line with the express provisions of the APC constitution.

Coincidentally, Giadom became the first member of the APC NWC by appointment. This was unchallenged until Giadom was dully and validly elected as Deputy National Secretary in an APC Congress held in Abuja.

The court however, agreed with Giadom that based on APC constitution, since there was no officer of the party validly recognised by law higher than him (Giadom as then Acting National secretary), that with the suspension of the National chairman, that Giadom should legally act as the Acting National chairman.

By APC constitution, in hierarchy and protocol, the vice Chairmen from each of the six geopolitical zones are inferior to Giadom as Acting National Secretary.

It is indeed a true fact that a judgement that emanated from Rivers state, removed Giadom as a member of the APC NWC which led to Worgu Boms being inaugurated by a faction of the NWC to replace Giadom.

This decision of the court cannot upset the earlier judgement holding that Giadom was legally best suited to act in the stead of the suspended APC national chairman.

However, with respect to the contention that Giadom had resigned to run for election and as a result was no longer a member of the NWC, it is not disputed by any of the sides that Giadom had applied and was granted a waiver in writing through a letter duly signed by Adams Oshomole, the now suspended National chairman of the APC.

Furthermore, the need to save the ruling party from further drifting and derailing ahead of the Edo and Ondo gubernatorial elections cannot be over emphasised.

President Buhari is right in law and fact to intervene in the direction he is cautiously following through the provisions of the APC constitution through the NEC to bring the ailing and badly managed party back on track with the Giadom led NEC meeting holding on thursday June 25th.

However, reports emerging from the Giadom's led NEC meeting with President Buhari in attendance reveals, that the current NWC has been dissolved.

Thanks for reading, but don't forget, this is just an opinion. You can however drop to the comment box if you think otherwise.

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Top Comments
AnthonyPaul_12 · 06/25/2020
thanks,am highly educated by this information on the issue of Giadom and oshomole
FrancisAigbogun_01 · 06/26/2020
Thanks for taking your time to explain and analyze what transpired and the position of APC constitution in regards to the issue at hand.
+234-816915**** · 06/26/2020
If truly that was what transpired, then pmb has taken the right step.
onyii4real · 06/26/2020
Good write up, I think the whole matter has expressly explained in the subject matter. I would suggest oshiomole/Tunimbu and all other aggrieved members should maintain decorum to properly understand what plays on. we are talking about elected member, not by appointment. Again, the resignation letter by Victor Giadom was not duely signed and not by mouth

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