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Local chicken that cannot dance to save herself: Alex Ekubo to Oma Nadi on her birthday.

Mena360 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Nigerian actress Oma Nadi who is plus one today, got a birthday shout-out from her colleague Alex Ekubo who posted a video of her dancing.

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He posted on her Instagram page: Happy birthday to this local chicken @omanadi that can dance to save your life, & her stupid pride will not let her to come and bow down and take lessons from me, I just pity her peaceful [email protected] emen my brother sorry when, I told you to marry Rihanna when she was begging you, you say no na Oman you want, ngwanu Enjoy your package bro.

The actress who found this birthday shout out funny has promised not to react now, but rather enjoy her day today. With her words she posted:

I can never like this post never. Nwokem, there is a saying, on your birthday be nice, I am applying that, after it, I shall return. But for now, Alex, what did you post? I will pretend to see something else for ehn, Kam biakwa.

The wonderful actress who is a mother of two children, a boy and a girl is married to a movie director and producer Noni Emen.

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Her husband also reacted to Alex Ekubo's shout-out to his wife. He posted on Instagram:

"Hahaha Alex ooo, where did you get this video. Bro my wife is dragging me to your house this morning, please call your gate man, we are on our way, Alex ooooo".

Both Oma and Alex are friends, and they started in a movie together being Anabel.

Happy birthday to the pretty actress and mother.

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