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BBN: You Lying Scum! Esther Blasts Nelson For Saying She Was Hitting On Him In The Big Brother House

ChocolateMe 06/26/2020

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During the recent Big Brother Naija PepperThem Reunion that featured Diane, Kim, Frodd, Elo, Esther, Omashola, Nelson and Sir Dee, Ebuka brought up the love rectangle between Diane, Tuoyo, Sir Dee, Nelson and Esther.

Diane claimed that Sir Dee was like an elder brother to her seeing that they both stay in the same state. She also indicated she liked Tuoyo and Nelson.

Omashola hilariously commented that Diane cried the most in the house when housemates like Jeff, Nelson, Tuoyo and Sir Dee were evicted.

Tuoyo mentioned that the reason it didn't work between him and Diane was because she was not his spec as he preferred thick girls. He claimed he liked her personality but that was that.

Ebuka asked if Esther thought Diane was leading Tuoyo and Nelson on, to which she said as a viewer she would have thought so, but knowing Diane, she doesn't feel Diane led them on.

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Nelson claimed he liked Diane more than he liked Esther as Esther was just like a friend to him. He also said Esther claimed that Frodd irritated her but was shocked to see them sharing the same bed after he left the house.

He said he had not spoken to Esther since he was evicted because she made Frodd look so bad to him only to watch them get close after he left the house.

Ebuka asked other housemates like Sir Dee and Kim Oprah if they felt there was a relationship going on in the house between Esther and Nelson, to which they affirmed.

Esther blasted Nelson by calling him a lying scum for lying to everyone outside the house that they were just friends and that she was the one that was hitting on him. She claimed that Nelson asked her out in the house to which she refused.

Ebuka asked both of them about the current state of their friendship to which Esther replied that she had moved on and other housemates asked her to go and hug Nelson, which she did.

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