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"The ball in your court"

Kalufortune12 2d

Life is seen from different perspectives and what we perceive determine how we receive.

We can never avoid problems or troubles but how we handle it matters a lot.

The ball is always in our court but how we play it matters a lot, you can determine to let go of your troubles or be stuck with it, kick it hard with fun.

Whether you win or you lose, just enjoy every moment of the game.

As you hold the ball, never be selfish just reach out to another.

Until we know how to handle the ball of our lives we will just be moving round the circle because it is only those who hold the ball that can give it out freely.

Understand your ball before you kick.

When it is all said and done,we either win or lose the game but it is not winning that matters but what we do with the ball.

As we close down to the end of our lives let us explore our court and get the fulfilment we desire and then try to hand over the ball to those behind us.

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