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Home Remedy To Remove Dark Eye Circle And Eye Wrinkle.

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Do you have dark eye circle ?

Do you have wrinkles?

Do you want to be a boss by knowing how to remove this and sell them out for money ?

If your answers are yes,then you are in the right article.


1)5-8 teaspoon of organic aloe vera gel

2)1/2 large cucumber


1)Wash ,peel and cut your cucumber into cubes .

2) blend the cucumber until liquid

3)strain the juice of the cucumber through sieve and set aside

4) place the aloe vera gel in a small bowl

5) mix in 2teaspoon of cucumber juice

6) whisk well until combined

7) pour into a small jar

9) place in the fridge to chill for 1ht

Direction; Apply under and around the eyes before bed .

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The image above is cucumber and aloe vera gel .

Try this method and thank me later .

Do drop your comment,and follow for more update .

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