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5 Reasons Why Young Girls Fall In Love With Married Men

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Why Do Girls Like To Date Married Men?

Nowadays, The rate at which young girls fall in love with married men is quite disheartening to me. You may see a girl of 21 years old dating a married man of 54 years without feeling any guilt or shame. Most girls in our society prefer married men to young bachelors due to their different personal reasons.

See the reasons why most girls love to date a married man.

1. Married men are more matured: This is one of the main purposes why girls always find favor in married men compared to their bachelor counterparts. Most young girls really love mature men because men who are married are mostly mature and can not do childish things.

2. Married men do have money: Nowadays girls usually go for married men due to a lack of money. Wedded men have do have the mind to give them money for all their personal problems such as buying of bags, clothes, phones, shoes, bathing soaps, creates, etc which is all essential for a teenage girl.

3. Wedded Men do give advice: Married men tend to give advice to a growing girl and this makes them love married men more than single men. Most girls like gaining advice from married men and it is only possible by staying with the marital man.

4. Married Men are more careful and soft: one of the reasons why some girls usually date married men is that if their ability to carefully treat a lady. Girls do like men who are careful and very sweet to stay with.

5. Married men are more experienced. Wedded men are more experienced in marriage compared to the bachelors and many girls do love men with marriage experience. This will also make them feel loved as a female.

Note: This is not a good moral practice because it is not advisable for a girl to be in a relationship with a man who has already married a wife. It may lead to some future problems in the girl's life.

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Top Comments
IsaacOkiria · 07/3/2020
married men mean what they say if it is LOVE he means LOVE not jokes
HafeeztoyinSalahudeen · 07/22/2020
Your advice as a final note is unacceptable. Some of the ladies have become happily married through such relationship
rukaskekas · 07/20/2020
what's bad is bad, jo
AbdullahiMuhammedMuhammed · 06/27/2020
hahaha married men don't tell lies to the girls they torst for

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