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Say These Psalms & 15 Powerful Prayer Point This Midnight, To Break/Backfire Curses

SYNDI3272 06/25/2020

-Lord, make me a good wife, make me a good help meet, I refuse to be burden to my husband and children.

-Lord Jesus, give me the grace to submit and respect my husband/help me to love my wife as Christ loves the church.

-Oh Lord, deposit your fear in my heart. Help me to reverence you at all time.

-Father, please deliver me from the hands of wicked men and women.

-All evil assigned to befall me, backfire now in Jesus name.

-Father, please give me ideas that will yield income for me, cause me to breakthrough financially.

-Let my business prosper oh Lord

-Give me the grace Oh Lord to be faithful in giving of my tithe and offerings in Jesus name.

-Father, charge me with the fire of the Holy Ghost and let every strange thing in my body disappear and depart completely.

-Every arrow of the wicked that flies by noon day, I am not your victim, my family and friends are not your victim, backfire now in Jesus name.

- Oh ye strange sickness tormenting my body, I am not your candidate, I am healed by His stripes, out now in Jesus name.

-Thou great physician please visit me, my family, marriage, business, and ministry with your healing hands in Jesus name.

Psalm 91, Psalm 46, Matthew 7:7-8, Mark 11:23-24, Isaiah 53:4-5

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