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The looming impeachment of a deputy Governor

Dobale 06/29/2020


It is no more news that Ondo State Deputy Governor Agboola AJAYI has severed Cord with APC the political party that brought him to Office as Deputy Governor and joined the rival PDP.

Agbo resigned from APC but clinched to his position as Deputy Governor even after many months of official inaction or not performing Official functions.

Few days to his defection from APC. there were rumours of sizeable support of Members of the Ondo State House of Assembly to defect to the PDP along with Commissioners in support of the aspiration of the Deputy Governor, but none of these has happened till date.

It also seems that Agbo may not succeed with PDP Automatic ticket as against formidable aspirant like Eyitayo Jegede who has toiled and laboured for the party.

Rumours are rife in Ondo State that the Deputy Governor may soon be impeached to pave way for a smooth working of Government business and also reward Aketi loyalists with the position.

Agboola AJAYI has dared his Boss, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu for a test of popularity at the Ondo State House of Assembly by bluffing any move to impeach him from Office.

Though it would have been honourable for the Deputy Governor to quietly resign and quit Office and allow peace to reign, but Nigerian Politicians love the lucre of Office even when the odds are evidently against them.

The days ahead will really show who commands more support at the Ondo State House of Assembly between the Governor and his Deputy as the continue stay in Office of Agbo will be a testament of his influence at the Assembly.

Foluso Adebisi.


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LawrenceIbitiye · 06/30/2020
this is rubbish , when the governor engaged in anti party activities during the last general election was he forced to resign his position as the governor of the state . it was clear that the governor clandestinely work for Atiku to win the presidential election in the state , it so glaring that PDP won two senatorial seat at the election and Atiku also won the presidential election in the state , but at the state house of assembly election APC won at the poll, can Akeredolu come out to tell the entire ondo state the magic behind it , I am not a politician nor interested in politics , one thing is clear to every body , how can the son is f the governor slap the deputy governor , it shows clearly that the family of the Governor is not a discipline family at all ,and need not to head this state at all

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