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Actress Destiny Etiko Reacts As Someone Uses Her Pictures to Dupe People on Instagram

CelebLatest 06/24/2020

The popular Nigerian actress, Destiny Etiko has recently reacted as someone is using her pictures to scam people on Instagram. The actress posted a screenshot of the fake account on her official Instagram page. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The page has 182k followers with Instagram username as "Destiny Etiko fanpage". According to Destiny, the page uses her pictures to extort money from people. See the screenshot of the fake page below. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

On the post Destiny said,

"Pls guys help me report this page until it's brought down... You use my pictures to build a page just to be extorting innocent people of there money yet you call yourself FANPAGE. Please what exactly are you fanning and you even had the guts to block meso that all your evil won't be seen, I have suffered in the hands of these internet fraudsters claiming to be fanpage.

"Please I don't have have any fanpage on Instagram. Thanks a million times @queenethhilbert I sincerely appreciate boo.

"@Destiny.fanpage You blocked someone you are using her picture to dupe people because she because she complained, please I want to ask you one question.

"Do You Need God? @destiny_fan Get a life please. Note: I am not against fan pages or using pictures but atleast stop claiming to be me or anyone else because I am ME and you are YOU. Help me report this page please fam".

Source: opera.com
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