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Does God Have Everything? See 5 Things God Do Not have

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In Nigeria, we all have different religious belief and most of us if not all believe that god is the creator of the whole universe. We believe he is omnipotent and omniscience and therefore we look unto him for blessings. I have heard many people say that God is the creator of all things and therefore he has all things; but after a little research I made, I noticed that God does not have everything and five (5) of these things will be made known to you as you read. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I believe this article will change the life of many and will also correct some mistakes of many. It is said that ignorance is not an excuse, we learn all day to grow in knowledge. As you read I pray you will understand what I will be bringing to you. Please I will advise you not to comment till you tread till the end. It is only a fool that will conclude a matter half way. Read and be inspired.

Below are 5 things that I realize God does not have:

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He has no Helper: we as human in one way or the other need the help of others to survive. This is one of the reasons we pray to God all day because we know he can help us. But it amazes me to know after some research that our God who created the heavens and the earth has no rival. That is why he is called the Alpha and Omega, The beginning and the end. He doesn’t need the help of any, but we all need his help. He created the heavens and the earth with his spoken words, and this shows that anything he needs that is not in existence all he has to do is to speak a word. Remember he created everything out of nothing, this shows clearly that there is nothing he needs that he cannot get for himself. This is also a sign that all your needs can be met as long as you trust in him. Remember he is unlimited. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He has no superior: we all know that as you go in life you will meet people that are above you (your superior), and also people you are above (superior to). Our superiors range from our parents to our elders in the society, working place, school and others. But God has no superior, he created all and that is why when he says yes none can say no, and when he says no one can say yes. All other gods and spirit where created by him and therefore he cannot bow down to anyone. We look at the case of humans; we bow down to God because he is our superior, but God bows down to no one because there is no one above him. This is to tell you that if you put your trust in him, you will remain at the top in everything you do in life.

He has no sin in him: a psalmist said that out of sin we were conceived in our mothers wound. There is also a popular saying that for all have sinned and fallen short of Gods glory but I tell you the truth, God has no sin in him. He is perfect and has never made mistake; even while Jesus was caring out his earthly ministry, he did not commit any sin that’s to show you how perfect God is. I always love it when I hear this because it gives me hope, joy and peace that on the last day I will be just like him. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He has no Successor: in our living today we all know that those in powers (political, religious and academic) all has successors or people that will come after them. Even some great kings and queens in the world have successors because they know that one day they will leave that office either by death or chance. But our God has been on the throne even before the days of john the Baptist and he is still on the throne till date. There is no one to succeed him. There was no election for his position and they can be no impeachment. He rules for eternity and lives forever; nothing can take his place and nothing can make him lose his throne hallelujah. We should be always happy because of the kind of God we serve.

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He has no Rival: I know that this will confuse most of you but I will break it down. God has no rival; people think that Satan is the rival of God but that is a lie. Satan is the rival of man and not God; trying to stop man from the glorious future God has prepared for him. The battle between God and the devil ended before the creation of man. When the devil felt he was equal with God, God threw him down from heaven with his followers. Satan has no battle with god and cannot try it. He knows full well that soon he will be cast into a lake of fire, which is why he is trying to deceive many people to also follow him to that lake. I pray you will not be one of them in Jesus name.

Wow, how great is our God. I know this article have proven to many that there is something God does not have. Before we make any statement let us endeavor to think. Let me even add an extra; we have what God don’t have and that is siblings, God does not have siblings. We learn every day, iron sharpens iron.

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EstherLoretta · 07/8/2020
glory be to god
StevenChipayeni_01 · 07/7/2020
I did not know all this!
096**** · 06/28/2020
but thanks be to God who give us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ Amen.peace of God be with you Amen.
TimzyNewzReportz · 06/26/2020
God truely don't have some things o

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