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Bbnaija Star, CeeC Escapes Death as her Car Fails brake in Enugu

showcasecityonline 06/24/2020

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Previous Big Brother Housemate, Cynthia Nwadora prevalently known as Cee-C has gotten away from death in Enugu after her vehicle bombed brake in Coal City, Enugu. 

Torixus reports that the episode occurred on Wednesday, June 24 during the evening hours of the day. 

The video we got demonstrated the truth star surging out of the vehicle in stun after her vehicle unexpectedly halted. She could be seen falling very quickly on the ground. Tab this content to Watch the video demonstrating when she had the mishap 

A vehicle that ex Big Brother Naija housemate, Ceec was driving bombed brake today in Enugu, bringing about confusion as individuals accumulated at the scene. 

In a video shared online Cynthia Nwadiora famously known as Ceec is seen going around in disarray as individuals assembled round her vehicle shouting. 

Cries can be gotten notification from the front of the structure that Cee-C's vehicle seemed to have slammed into. 

Disarray as BBNaija star, Cee-C 

As the truth star races to the front of the structure to research the reason for the cry, she tumbles down and is increased by somebody. 

It isn't clear yet on the off chance that anybody was harmed in the mishap as Twitter clients guarantee. 

@Clareuche who is attributed for the video alludes to it as "the most damaging thing ever." 

Turmoil as BBNaija star, Cee-C 

Some Twitter clients have responded by bragging and taunting the previous reality star, others communicated trust that she and her casualty (assuming any) are OK. 

Tumult as BBNaija star, Cee-C 

In the interim, a screen capture from a visit purportedly from Cee-C's sibling gives him saying that Cee-C is fine and everything is currently leveled out. 

Watch the video beneath.

Source: opera.com
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