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Maintenance of Social distancing in Worship Centers

RalphlandoEnterprise 06/25/2020

The covid 19 seperated people from their usual activities. We've been confined to our houses as Noah, his family and the ark. Businesses were shutdown, churches and mosques were locked, journeys suspended; with the relaxation of the lockdown, The Champions Royal Assembly Kubwa is maintaining a high level of compliance with the government order. See below at the Church entrance.

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Now that worship centers are open, there's a good level of compliance to the government regulations on the order of conduct in public places such as churches and the like. Below are different washing points provided by the church.

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The pictures displayed are those of a Mega Church in Abuja, Nigeria. Members are seen sanitizing their hands and maintaining social distancing. This is following the teachings of the Holy Bible that says we should be submissive to civil authorities I hope Nigeria will emulate the decorum and measures taken by the Champions Royal Assembly, Kubwa, Abuja.

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Together we shall over come the pandemic.

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