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See the man that murder his two children and inflict severe injury on his father

Kayceejournalist 06/25/2020

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The way and manner people do things in our today society is so despicable. You hear stories that are inexplicable. While finding words to explain the inhumane attitude of people, you hear yet another terrible story.

In almost every nook and cranny of the today society, there's usually one crime or the other being perpetrated. While some are brought to light and the perpetrators are caught and punished, others go unnoticed as no justice is rendered to the victims.

Police operatives attached to Ogbunike Police Station in Anambra state, has arrested one Ifeanyi Apusiobi, a 34years old man for allegedly killing his own children and melting a severe injury on his father in an attempt to kill him.

The middle aged man attacked his two biological children, Chinecherem Apusiobi a female and 7 years old also Obinna Apusiobi, male, 5 years old using a wooden pistle on both their heads leading to their death.

He equally used the same object to attack his father, Mr. Dominic Apusiobi aged 74years, still on the head. On getting to the scene the Police had quickly rushed the victims to the hospital where the two children were certified dead and the old man who is severely injured is responding to treatment. The corpses of the children was taken to the Isieny hospital morgue for autopsy.

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The circumstances that led to such inhumane act is yet to be ascertained. The exhibit recovered from the scene and the case has been transferred to the state CID Akwa for further discreet investigation. This had taken place in Oyi Local Government Area in Anambra State.

Although, it is yet to be ascertained what led to the Father of two children perpetrating such an act on his family, there's no reason however under the surface of the earth that would make a human being perpetrate such a drastic inhumane act.

A father to such young children and son to an aged father, who is suppose to be a father figure to shield, cater, shelter, support and also be the hero to his young children is the very one who takes the life of the young children.

"The heart of man is desperately wicked" The bible verse I always reflect on, each time I get to hear a story such as this, indeed, who can know the heart of man except God.

There are beliefs and relationship that have always been valuable to humans. Such as the belief in God and also in family. Most times, you hear people say family is everything. People are willing to go extra for family. Do their very best for the ones they love and cherish.

When things begin to change and people start to inflict so much terror, as well as bringing harm upon their loved ones as the case of the father in this article. One begin to wonder, what the people of the world today are turning into.

While such issue as this one is prevalence in our society today, it makes me to stop and ask if this was equally the case during the stone age? If not what has changed and why is it happening now?

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