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STOP Killing Cockroaches With Slippers, This Is Why You Should Be Eating Cockroaches Instead

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Cockroaches can be very clean and tasty insects, particularly if they are fed on fresh fruits and vegetables, contrary to common belief. Toasted, baked, sauced, or cooked, they can be served. Cockroaches have a taste and texture as greasy chicken, of truth and reality. Cockroach tastes like chicken burned away. It is a healthy protein source. As food chain participants we will see them as food when faced with choices of survival. When you eat a cockroach, the overwhelming feeling you would have the ability to become nutritious both outside and inside.

Yeah, it is now scientifically known that cockroaches are edible and safe to consume and high in protein concentrations.

Oh indeed, he ought to have properly cooked to remove his bacteria on his body. We probably consider it disgusting to eat insects especially in western society we don't even consider them. But they include in their diet in many cultures, notably Asians including cockroaches and other insects.

In Thailand, they consider Cockroaches a delicious dish especially when the crunchy texture and taste are deep-fried in the oil.

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"If I say cockroach, you 're likely to lose your appetite immediately, but if you can conquer your understandable revulsion and wolf down a couple of their young'uns, you 're going to do your body a big favor.

A 100-gram cockroaches serving contains 24 micrograms of vitamin B12, almost 10 times the RDA. B12 keeps the nerve and blood cells of the body healthy and also helps to produce DNA, the genetic material of all cells.

After many testimonies on the yummy experience of eating cockroaches from several mouths, I believe it is high time the world saw the basic reasons for eating this delicious diet. Consuming a cockroach or a powdered fried roaches in a taste-wise way sounds like enjoying nuts and consuming a tasty cookie. You can't really find out you were eating a roach because its taste combines well with chocolate. And the tastes like groundnut fried.

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According to the American Cockroach (Periplaneta Americana) Nutritional quality report, you'll get these nutrients after getting a cockroach (precisely an American one)–

Basic Nutrients

Protein – 65.60

Fat – 28.20

Fiber – 3.00

NFE (Carbohydrates) – 0.78

Amino acid content (mg/g protein)

Valine – 65

Arginine – 51

Histidine – 20

Serine – 45

Proline – 65

Alanine – 61

Glycine – 71

Glutamic Acid – 130

Isoleucine – 31

Leucine – 56

Lysine – 40

Methionine – 56

Cysteine – 20

Phenylalanine + Tyrosine – 31

Threonine – 36

Tryptophan – 6

 Here’s a table of the nutrients you will get from a Dubai cockroach.

Dubai Roaches

35.6% Protein

6.75% Fiber

61.18% Fat

62.9% Water

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Consequently, the above-mentioned nutrient groups indicate that it is scientifically established that cockroaches are edible and safe to consume, and high in protein levels. In conclusion, why let a surge of protein waste all in the name of ignorance, let's stay healthy and wise, save your soul from lack of nutrients, you should eat a cockroach, in fact, you should eat them ...

If you don't get enough of this stuff, there are clear and present dangers for diseases like anemia, heart disease and damage to the nervous system. Even the vitamin is important for healthy skin , hair and nails, as it helps to regenerate cells and to continuously refresh the skin.

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TundeIyanda · 06/29/2020
I commend your efforts over this post and I will encourage you to do more research on other source of food for our benefits... thanks so much Being an African and going by the way we treat and have our delicacies, I don't pray that we (Africans) experience a drought that will make us eat such insects. This is my prayer o God.
AngelraphaelUdo · 06/29/2020
Next time I see this kind of post, you'll be flogged.
SusanOlugbusi-Coker · 06/30/2020
you better stop this nonsense, we are still dealing with coronavirus because of the nonsense that you people are eating, stop this rubbish we don't want to record a cockroachvirus-20 I am serious o, just stop it
PeaceAni_02 · 06/29/2020
You want to introduce us to China food ba. we are still suffering frm the one the eat already

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