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3 things you must absolutely never give up to be with anyone!

LadyNana1 06/24/2020

Human beings tends to give up many things just to be with their partners. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Take a look at these 3 things you absolutely must not give up lest you regret it!

Your identity

Your identity is who you are; your character, your behavior, your uniqueness. Everything that makes you, YOU!. Without your identity, you are no one. Your identity is what tells you apart from the other billions of people living in the world. You are nobody without your identity.

Your Freedom

Never give up your freedom just to be with someone. Someone who really loves you will appreciate your Independence and support you. Anyone who attempts to deprive you of your freedom treats you like a caged animal, living according to the wills of its master.

Your Family

The most important thing you should never give up is your family, no matter what. People will come and go in your life, only your family will ALWAYS stay till the end. And if ever the relationship you gave your family up and continuously hurt them for ever falls apart, who are you going to run to? I think it is still the family YOU thought hated you and you also hated. If your family do not approve of the person you are seeing, find a way to make them like the person and don't outrightly disobey and forsake them.

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