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Bb naija reunion, Mawuli Gavor revealed as the tall,dark man Diane had a crush on.

Patrarose 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The housemates talked about about their relationships.Ebuka asked mercy how the relationship with Ike has been faring,mercy replied that it hasn't been smooth,and that any little issue she has with Ike ,Ike goes ahead to block to her.she called the act childish. Ike on the other hand said that mercy and her friends look down on him. He said people call him childish because he smiles a lot.Mercy accused Ike of blocking and unblocking her. Ike replied saying that mercy told him she needed to take a break in the relationship. Mercy agreed with him,saying she she needed a break and that they are not following themselves on social media,but they are still a couple,though on and off. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Ebuka asked Diane if she feels mercy and Ike's relationship is toxic.Diane replied saying that the relationship is not toxic.That Ike needs too cool down,as he ought to have patience with mercy and not zero out on her,because women love to be pampered.

Ebuka asked Diane about her relationship with Elozonam.She replied by saying that Elozonam gave up on her and wasn't persistent on being with her,just like how Ike was persistent and choose Mercy.She said that Elozonam listened to outsiders.

Elozonam on the other hand said that he really liked Diane,but Diane wasn't reciprocating.That In order of hierachy Diane put Mercy,Ike,Sir Dee,Tuoyo and him .He said he tried his best but Diane's mind wasn't with him . Ebuka brought up the issue of the dark guy Diane has a crush on,which Made Elozonam jealous in the house .Diane insisted on not mentioning his name or talking about him. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Elozonam and Diane threatened to drag each other and expose themselves,as the place was getting heated up.Ike claimed that Diane may have an innocent face,but she is very complicated.In the midst of the brouhaha Mawuli Gavor's name was mentioned as the man that Diane always crushed on. Ebuka asked Elozonam how Mawuli had impacted on their relationship.Diane hearing this stopped out of the reunion furiously.

The End

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IfyIfy · 06/30/2020
lol wit her small body ..na heavy guys wey go squeeze her na im she dey pursue 😆😆😆
this reunion self i don't understand it again oh,na by force say she talked about something she doesn't want in public ne,haba pls ebuka some of ur questions are not necessary.
NewtonNnabuife · 06/30/2020
.See all of you like say una they the sa hmm e position uno no go take this guy over that boy Elo
JaneAnimba · 06/30/2020
na waaooo Ebuka knows all their problems, Diane na Elo fit you pass this muscle oooo!

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