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5 Unique Things About Nigeria That Makes Love This Country

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To foreigners, am sure you have heard about this country, Nigeria, this is a country of so many kinds of people, religion and other fascinating things you wish you could be amongst or see.

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1. The Most Populated Country In Africa

According to Worldometer, Nigeria is the 7th most country in whole of Africa with a population of over 200 million citizens.

2. Over 200 Ethnic Groups

Nigeria is a country with over 200 ethnic groups and they still live together in unity, at least it's something fascinating.

There are three main ethnic group in Nigeria namely; Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba and thousands of others

3. Rich Country

Nigeria is a rich country, having a fertile land for agriculture activities, they can produce almost all crops on the land. Nigeria is one of the biggest producers of rice in Africa and known for agriculture exports.

4. Natural Resources

When you talk of natural resources, Nigeria is filled with thousands of natural resources scattered all over the states, towns and villages, all states in Nigeria can boast of a particular resources, that's fascinating right!

5. No Natural Disasters In Nigeria

Unlike most developed countries, Nigeria is blessed with a disaster free environment, you can only see floods, excess sunlight and heat waves, but apart from that nothing else, no earthquakes, no tornadoes or tsunami, Nigeria don't experience that, it's really fascinating.

What else do you know about Nigeria, drop your comments below.

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