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This is how Hushpuppi and his gang scammed over 1.9 million people as revealed by Dubai police

Optimallove 06/26/2020

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Before Hushpuppi's arrest by Dubai police, he was known to be an Instagram celebrity; fond of flaunting his wealth on social media and used to be claiming to a be successful business mogul! 

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Little did we know he was die-hard fraudster and little did we know that his real name is Ramoni Abass not until he was arrested for defrauding different people all over the world! 

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Hushpuppi and Dubai police

So far, Abass (Hushpuppi) and his 12 gang members was reported to have defrauded no fewer than 1,926,400 people from different parts of the world, raked in 1.6 billion Dirham which amounts to about 168billion in Naira! 

Oh my goodness, this is really huge!

However, I am a little bit curious about the actual state Ramon Abass comes from in Nigeria. I also recall that Hushpuppi once denied Nigeria as his country. This is really unfortunate for him because he has been living under false pretences all this while.

Now, back to the subject matter on how Hushpuppi and his 12 accomplices used to defraud their victims. As it revealed by the Dubai police, they would create fake online pages for existing websites. After creating the pages, they would now redirect victims’ payments to their own accounts.

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The Dubai police further revealed that : "Hushpuppi and his gang were specialised in hacking corporate emails and sending fake messages to clients in order to redirect financial transfers and bank details to their own accounts."

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