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Relationship Advice - signs he doesn't really love you

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Relationship Advice - signs he doesn't really love you 

Women would like to always be able to tell if their man was actually in love with them and planning to be around in a long-term relationship. But sometimes it can be rather difficult to tell for sure. So, what do you do? You look for specific signs.

1. He is always telling you he will do something and yet, he continually fails to come through. Even if they are only little things he didn't come through with, it isn't so much the fact they weren't completed as it is the principle. This is a sure way to tell that commitment means nothing to him.

2. He doesn't seem to be into it when the two of you are affectionate. When you kiss or hug you are totally into the moment, but he seems as if he might just be going through the motions to appease you. This is especially true if you happen to catch him looking away when you are supposed to be caught up in a personal moment.

3. He somewhat tries to hide public displays of affection. For example, if you are out in public and you want to kiss, he might be reluctant to do so in front of others - even though he doesn't know them. This could also be the case with hugging and even holding hands. It isn't necessarily he is embarrassed to be seen with you - it's almost as if he's afraid someone else might see him.

4. He talks less and less about the future. Even if you bring up an issue concerning the future, he is reluctant or maybe even downright refuses to commit to agreeing with it. It's as if he knows deep down he isn't going to be around long enough to justify making plans.

On the other hand, he could talk about the future but it seems as if the future never comes within view. This guy make plans, but they not only never come to fruition - they don't even begin to form into anything material. Everything that he says about the future appears to be pure fantasy.

5. He starts to become defensive about little things. If you ask where he was, he gets a little defensive, almost like you are overstepping your boundaries. Even small normal type comments cause him to put his guard up. He isn't willing to let you inside, at least not like he should if you were in a normal loving relationship.

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