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Iran's Government Issues a Warrant of Arrest Against President Trump and 35 Other US Officials.

ObiFresh 06/29/2020

The Islamic republic of Iran have taken a very daring step by issuing a warrant of arrest against the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump and 35 other government officials and military top shots.

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President Trump.

The warrant was issued by the Tehran's Public Prosecutor, Ali Alqasimehr. The warrant seeks to bring Trump and 35 others to face justice for 'Murder and terrorism charges' for January 3rd, US military air strike at Baghdad International Airport.

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The late Qussam Suleimani.

The air strike that killed Qussam Suleimani, the then commander of Iran Revolutionary guards and other top commanders of Iraqi Shia militia group.

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The Iranian leader mourning Gen. Suleimani.

According to ISNA news Agency, Ali Alqasimehr said that "Iranian officials will continue to pursue the prosecution of Trump, even after his presidency ends"

The other government officials were not immediately named but according to Associated Press "Iran requested a "red notice" from Interpol – the highest level possible – in asking for the help of detaining the president and others"

We can recall that about 6 months ago, the US government using an unmanned aerial vehicle, targeted and eliminated the top Iranian military commander which resulted in Iran firing multiple rockets into US and coalition forces bases in Irag, though no US military was killed because they evacuated the bases before the retaliatory strikes.

Sources: The Sun UK, Associated press, Saharareporters.

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+234-802322xxxx · 06/29/2020
let Iran arrange to take over us government,other things will be easier
DecencyObasi · 06/29/2020
useless Iran ,una no go achieve ur evil plans aganist Trump or Us.
IdrisMuhammad_19 · 06/29/2020
very hilarious haahaphony

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