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Reasons why all men can't be the same.

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Reasons why you should not conclude that all mens are the same. Before you finally pass your judgement that all men are the same , I will like you read the chat below for more understanding. 

Below is a small article that clearly shows that all men are not the same and not all men are dogs, read carefully and patiently. 

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Obviously all men can't be the same, the reason why this statement often arise is because most girls present themselves too cheap to guys. Hence, the saying you will be addressed the way you dress, most ladies dress seductive at all times thinking that they will get the attention of the right men. But the truth guys will always go after you for sex, any guy that is drawn to you because of your seductive atire is in with you for sex and nothing but sex. A guy can have sex with you and yet don't have any feelings for you, it's normal with men. Study shows that men's sex drive is high compare to women's own. Little wonder they demand for sex to help you, to give you job opportunity etc. But when a lady dresses properly and behaves well she is certainly going to attract the right men into her life who are serious minded. Hence, stop calling men dogs, and stop saying that all men are the same, instead dress well and behave responsible and the right men will find you. 

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