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Quick Instagram verification

Pokamessiah 06/25/2020

Verification of Instagram account needs simple steps to follow. 

step 1 : your account should not only look but should be professional, non spam,quality looking and avoid uploading a five year old content. your last six post should be of good quality. No repost, no selling or promotional posting. don't use that account for Ex commerce anymore or scale it back to one E-com post every ten to non promotional post.

step 2 : Tweak your bio and one or two or your last post to be international. Internationally known or doing business globally. This is totally important since you are not a celebrity or famous. It took me several times to discover this .NOTE: IG won't verify Birmingham plumbing service as that's obviously local and not global.

step 3 :Create other copycat account from a different IPS,browser, different email address and at different time. The account that you have created should also have different Bio and PIC (if it's possible get picture from any real account. To reiterate, it's advisable to use separate Pc and phone. You can also use vpn to make things easy for you. NOTE: never log into this account with same phone, pc,wifi, or same cookies.

step 5 :Relax for one or two weeks,then have a couple of friends report the account that you have created(fake account) then you finally in the same vein report the account as impersonating your account.

step 5 :when the account you report has been removed by Instagram, apply to be verify with your original account. It takes about five days to hear from them. 

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