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Just In: Pry 6, JSS 3 And SS 3 to Resume — FG

Topaz_x2 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. President Muhammad Buhari Source: www.pintrest.com

The federal government under the Governorship of President Muhammad Buhari and Professor Yemi Oshinbajo has just announce the resumption of all graduating class.

The federal government has announced that Primary 6, Junior Secondary School 3 and Senior Secondary School 3 should resume to their school so as to prepare for their forth coming exams. Inter state lockdown has been relived too to aid their learning activity.

This resumption doesn't reach the Graduating class/final year student in the university. All the above mentioned class should resume to their various school on the 1st of July. We will be updating you as more information is released. Did you think this is the right time to school, when the cases is seriously increasing and secondly there is no proper preparation or provision of Covid-19 curbing materials for the students. Pls drop your view about the matter.

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