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I Wanted to Cook for My Wife as a Birthday Suprise but Discovered This in the Kitchen (Fiction)

Esomrita 06/26/2020

I am a goal oriented individual and I take my job seriously. I work in an oil company in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Most of the days, I would leave the house very early and return quite late around 8pm. My name is Christopher. I am happily married to my wife who is the mother of my three kids, for seven years. Each meal she serves me when I come back from work is always so tasty that I must ask for a second plate. She always asks for the feeding money to be different from the house up keep money because according to her, the tasty meals cost a lot to be cooked. I never complained while giving her the money as I always felt that she made a judicious use of it. She also demands for money to buy sophisticated kitchen utensils which I also provided for. She always told me stories of how the kitchen stress was weighing her out and she endures. She serves me perfect meals. I always thank my stars for a woman who is a great cook.

Since lockdown started and I started working from home, my wife would always insist that I should never bother to join her in the kitchen for once even when I want to help her with picking the vegetables or just discussing with her. She said a man's place can never be in the kitchen and that she is a capable hand. I would smile from ear to ear and sit on the couch while working with my laptop. After two hours she would serve a delicacy of either soup, stew or rice. She even serves appetizers of hot pepper soup. Her birthday was on the 23rd of June and I decided to prepare a dish as a suprise. I felt that would make her happy apart from the usual birthday gifts. As she left the house with our car to make a new hair, I entered the kitchen to prepare her suprise but I actually met the suprise of my life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

All the utensils and equipments looked as good as new. Only about three pots looked like they have been in use. I felt proud of my wife as I thought she was a good home maker. I put rice on the fire and was picking out spices for stew. My wife had practically any thing needed as a kitchen ingredient. I kept on preparing the dish and opened the freezer and found chicken. I selected a good number for my suprise package. In almost three hours everything was ready including an orange juice made by me. I felt so full of myself. I decided to use the exact big food container she uses to keep my food hot to serve her. I wanted to play the role of a loving husband. I searched for this particular container but I did not find it. I searched in the kitchen drawers and it was in the last drawer. It was not the only item there. There was another bigger container. I took out the both of them to dish the rice and chicken separately instead of putting them in one container. I had spooned a good quantity into the container when I brought the container that would contain the fried chicken. I opened it and I threw my mouth open in shock and suprise. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Heaps and heaps of receipt from a particular restaurant. I felt cheated. My wife always bought the meals she serves me for the past several years we have been together. What I found more disturbing was that my wife did not discard the receipt after buying the meals outside. The big question on my mind is "where does she send the raw food materials she claims to be cooking? I made a clear video of the receipt and gently put back all her receipt for her and returned the container. The joy and happiness that I prepared the food with disappeared. I just picked a bowl and put the chicken. I placed the meal on the dinning table. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Immediately my wife sighted that container, I noticed the panic in her face. She asked me whether I searched too long to find it. I simply said no and she relaxed a bit. As the day progresses, we finally celebrated the day with our kids. At night, I checked the drawer and that very container was gone. The following day, she still served me with soup bought from a restaurant and she served it to me with audacity. Am still confused on how to confront her about this, I have been fooled by my wife for seven years. How should I handle this matter? Why did she not throw away the receipt? I don't want to do anything I would regret.

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Top Comments
07051 · 06/26/2020
teach her how to cook and let her know U love eating her food than the one outside.
GUEST_Vg7LpegAo · 06/26/2020
fake story,how does she manage to get d food during luckdown
MartinFred · 06/26/2020
I am afraid for you sir. Genuinely afraid because if for seven years your wife could sustain that fraud in the kitchen sector of your home; it is time for you to check other areas. Marriage should be absolutely wrapped in sincerity. No matter how delicious the food she has been serving is, it is prepared by a stranger and could be dengerous.
NnamdiOnuorah_01 · 06/26/2020
If she doesn't like cooking,take her step by step to know that buying food is not best,If she could catch it,wow,You both can set a prize or team up as couples who cooks

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