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My Greatest Achievement is Uprooting Saraki's Hold of Kwara State, I Have No Regret At All.

NewsInNaija 06/28/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Immediate-past National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole said he has accepted the decision of the National Executive Committee NEC to dissolve the National Working Committee NWC which he chaired until Thursday when, at the instance of the President and leader of the party, he was removed, claiming his greatest achievement throughout his reign as the Chairman of the Party is terminating Bukola Saraki's grip of Kwara state for over fifteen years.

Oshiomole said this at a news conference Saturday in Abuja, stating he has no regret over the various decisions he took while at the helm of affairs, and noting that his greatest moment of happiness in office was when the party took over Kwara state and effectively displaced the Saraki political dynasty.

Oshiomole acknowledged that President Muhammad Buhari was the one who invited him to pilot the affairs of the party two years ago, and that if he so decided again in his wisdom that his time is up, he could not but have to accept the president's decision in good faith.

Oshiomole insisted that looking back, he had no regret on every single actions he had taken as the Chairman of the party. In his word: “No, the process of leadership requires that you make decisions. I am a man of very strong convictions. I am driven by what I believe in and I recognize that for every decision you take particularly when you embark on radical reforms, you are going to step on some toes. That was clear to me. I am not assuming leadership for the first time. I have taken my decisions. I am happy.", he said.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Oshiomole said it is possible that people would point out some few areas where they had challenges and some of the states they lost, but insisted that in spite of all sort, he has performed well in office as he also won for the party strategic state like Kwara and Gombe which were highly important states needed to change the fortune of the party.

He emphasized that the President's first term in office was met with rebellions National Assembly led by Saraki, and that as he was able to dislodge him from his hold of Kwara state, it changed the fortune of the party, and now the President is having a supportive National Assembly that key into the President's transformation agenda.

He added that he has no regret at all, stating that there is no way you can lead a party as large and diverse as the APC without having those who would have one or two things against you.

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