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15 businesses that you can start with small capital that will be giving you 150,000 naira monthly

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Everyone needs money, but not everyone knows how to make money. If you want to understand how to get involved during a profitable business in Nigeria and become great, you have to move on. Publishing is about doing a profitable business in Nigeria with little capital and you will probably get inspiration for your business.

Profitable business in Nigeria with little capital.

Each company successfully started small, suggesting that everyone can repeat their achievements. Research says depression time is the best time to start a business. you won’t believe it, but the business opportunities in Nigeria are essentially endless. And it will not always take a lot of capital to start your own profitable business in Nigeria. Many of them are likely to start with minimal capital. If you are smart, intelligent and an honest leader, you will make money from your business in no time. you just have to develop some business ideas in Nigeria and choose the one that suits you best.

The most important thing is that not only will you create a successful business venture, but you will enter your whole heart and soul into it. That way, you'll love what you do and make money. In addition, it is often the time of technological advancement, so it has become easier to make a profit not only by doing regular work, but also by doing something extraordinary online. Limit, however, that each business requires tons of dedication and you won’t get rich overnight.

Without further ado, we will look at some of the great profitable business opportunities in Nigeria that you can only start without having a large capital.

1. Uber driver

Given that the percentage of people, especially in big cities, use the Uber service, you'll say that Uber executives make money. If you are an honest driver and know your city well, you should not miss this opportunity. Driving at Uber is one of the most lucrative Nigerian business ideas and that is why the most cherished thing is that you can only go when you want, without any commitment. Some drivers prefer to work full time, while for some it is a part time job to earn extra money they make over the weekend or after their main job.

2. Social media marketing specialist

Today it is impossible to measure without social media: many people use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and therefore other popular platforms. Of course, they are also good sources of money, you just need to share the content that interests people and get a credible tracking base. this will be one of the business ideas you can only draw attention to if you’re good with social media and have enough creative content to post. once you become a personality or influencer of social media, you will like it, you will be contacted by large companies that want to run their ads on your site. depending on the percentage of followers you have, you'll pay for your ads. This business idea takes time and patience because at some point you will not be ready to create an account, but over time you will realize that it is so valuable.

3. Website designer / developer

Are you good at web design? Then, you should try an option like online design or development. even if you think your skills are not so professional, you will easily participate in related courses or seminars to improve your skills and gain new knowledge. in a short period of time, you will be ready to create your own websites. this is often a contract job, suggesting that you can only create your own calendar.

4. Graphic designer

If you’ve always been good with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, or other similar programs and have artistic skills, we recommend that you take on the independent work of the graphic designer. There are now thousands of graphic designers, and many of them are valued by big companies. But it also means that the competition is extremely high and to face it, you would want to be really creative and original. You’ll start posting your art on social media and getting commissions as they can shake you up. you’ll need to invest in graphics tablets - most digital designers today use them for convenience.

5. Content writer

Do you get along well with words? If you are thinking of a talented writer, you can try a contract job related to writing articles, publications, or advertisements. today many websites need a smart writer. Some also require the administrator to post it on their website, which will receive the additional purchase. Not only can you write content for them, but create your own blog and post your thoughts on it. the simplest thing is that this job is not full time: you will do your job whenever you want, not counting the time of day.

6. Blogging or vlogging

It is one of the most popular and lucrative sources of income recently. Thousands of bloggers create their own content, including a variety of topics, from fashion and lifestyle, to celebrity reviews and movie reviews. All of your favorite YouTubers also started small, and eventually got rich and successful, with thousands of subscribers, likes, and comments. will try to start a blog looking for the current location that focuses on something that might be appealing to the general public. If you’re a talented writer and have a sales sense, it can be a big plus.

7. Bakery

Your friends may accept you as a great cook, but have you ever considered making this skill bigger? you don't have to worry! Today, people make tons of money from the bakery business. All you need to do is try to create a social media account where you post your bakery and contact information, use acceptable hashtags to advertise your work, gain an interested audience, and receive requests from people to various people who need cakes, or cupcakes for him. birthday, weddings and anniversaries. Your business can start by maturing the right expectations; in this case, you only need to invest in the ingredients. it can even be quite effective to send samples of your work to anyone who might be interested, in the hope that they will bring you closer to the commercial offer.

8. Production of small meals

Currently, this company is in high demand as many people have celebrations with friends and family, and need a good amount of food. Recently, the willingness of Nigerian people to eat light has increased. they like the sun at various events, so they hire an honest chef to organize it. If you are good at cooking small roosters, you should not hesitate to start your own related business. Although there are many chefs who offer an equivalent service, your business will never be left out if it is run professionally and creatively.

9. Digital marketing agent

There is a big difference between a digital marketing agency and a standard one. The main point is that digital marketing specialists obviously aim to market within the digital world compared to the major world. Starting your own agency does not require any amount of money, you just need to have digital skills and marketing knowledge.

10. Drop shipping

This is another type of business that will potentially bring you money and you won’t even need a lot of capital. the only things you just got can be a smartphone or a laptop, internet connection and social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and so on. they will use your internet promotion. a lot of people have already done a lot of Naira doing this job. What is the key to success in this business? is to identify and recognize the key needs of people instantly and be aware of how to look for these things. you will start this business on AliExpress or another platform.

11. Clothing design

Of course, if you aspire to become a clothing designer, you need to have work experience, talent and creativity. However, you will always gain these skills by attending courses and being curious about the subject. Once you learn what it takes during this industry, you’ll be ready to create your own trendy outfit. This company is extremely paid and at some point you can become a knowledgeable designer because popular designers today also started at a somewhat reduced.

12. Nutrition business

So a lot of people go somewhere toasted, often it’s definitely a profitable business, which will make you rich. This business can also fly with minimal capital, calculating the dimensions of the business and therefore the categories of customers. just if you want to serve low-income buyers, you won’t need a lot of money to get started. Nutritionists are very popular in big cities, where there are thousands.

13. Import companies

Nowadays, people import different products and make money, so this company should not go off your list. You will usually start importing low-level products (mini-imports), and then become an importer the size of the product. you have to limit the mind that this work depends directly on the degree of exchange.

14. Affiliate marketing

Everyone has considered this way of making money at least once because big market networks offer great opportunities for those who want to make money easily and quickly. To register to be a member of one of the main programs, for example, those Jumia or Konga, you need to continue with your website and register, along with reading and understanding the rules of the most excellent in the operation of affiliate marketing. Basically, this usually advertises the great online merchandise on your blog. to shape this work, your blog needs to be quite popular with the public.

15. Office supplies

This job does not require much brain work. If you’re an organizer who knows where to buy most things, you’ll need to offer your services at some offices. Most office workers are so busy with their work that they can barely get up from their seats and need someone to bring them food and other supplies. If you want to claim this responsibility, you should call different offices and ask them if they are looking for the person who provides the office.

There are many profitable farming companies in Nigeria that you can only take on if you are interested in agriculture. as an example, try these:

- Poultry activity

- Fishing business

- Business for growing snails

- Pig activities

- breeding business

- Flower business

- Corn business

- Rice business

- vegetable oil business

- Cassava business

Also, if you want to try to do something related to education and share your knowledge with people or take care of them, try the following businesses:

- Home learning business

- Business hotel

- Mother's service

- Child care center

- Self-empowerment center

- Take an online course

If you are interested in computers, you may want to get involved in these:

- Computer repair service

- mobile repair service

- development of mobile applications

- Game development

- Mobile money agent company

Finally, if you want to thrive in the beauty business, you should definitely try:

- Business cosmetics

- Nail business

- Do soap business

- Production of perfumes

Of course, they all require skill and knowledge. But over time, that is likely to change. in addition, your dedication and desire can really work wonders.

Now that you know which companies are the best, you can definitely plan to take your place under the sun in one of them. Good luck to you, future entrepreneur!

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