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We Want Your Daughter’s Virginity, Not Money, Abductors Tell Victim’s Family

Naijaadvance 06/28/2020

Suspected cultists who kidnapped Patience Emmanuel; a twenty-year-old 100 level in Bauchi State university have confessed to her family that they did not need any money from her parents, but they only need victim’s virginity.

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The victim’s family had been agitated over her abducted, which happened four days ago

The family said Emmanuel, A undergraduate student of Pharmacology at the Bauchi State University Gadau, left the house on Wednesday afternoon and her whereabouts unknown since then.

Conversing with reporters on Saturday 27, 06 2020 the victim’s father, Mr Emmanuel Kushi, a retired civil servant, said his daughter was kidnapped on her way house after visiting his younger brother.

Her father also said, “On June 24, around 3pm, she left my younger brother’s house in ZurfiRafin and informed him she was coming to my house at TafawaKafin to pick something and he gave her consent to come.

“Around 5pm my younger brother’s spouse kept phoning her mobile to know if she had arrived, but there was no response. They believed she was already in my house working.

“They later retry to call her again, but her phone was switched off. In the next day, which is on Thursday in around 2pm, my younger brother’s wife called me and asked why I delayed Patience and did not let her come back. She asked if there was any problem.

“I told her that I did not see Patience because she had not come to my house. She was shocked about what I told her.

He further explained, “So he sent a text message to her phone. Then, a reply came in. ‘Do you believe you will ever never see your daughter again? BIG Fool”.

“Father, your daughter is with us (BLACKAXE CONFRETANITY). We do not want your money what we need is your daughter virginity. You Don’t need to be looking for her.”

He said that he got another text from the kidnapper on Saturday morning informing him that she was dead.

The mother of the abducted lady, Mary, said, “I haven't been finding it easy since I got the news that she was missing. I got the news on Thursday afternoon. I have left everything to God. They should release my daughter’s corpse to us to see her.”

The Police were investigating the matter.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Dawn--Don · 06/28/2020
Evil youths in Nigeria, making parents and guardians to cry by using their children for rituals must be struck by thunder in Jesus name..The girl will not die..her body parts can't work for rituals.. Her abductors will kill themselves in her place,Amen
LukeEgbele · 06/28/2020
Oh God this girl must not die in Jesus name. why people are so wicked
DanielCalebZubiya_01 · 06/28/2020
Is bad for a human to kill, God will set her free by his grace, I pray for her freedom now In Jesus Name Amen.
SmileOkorie · 06/28/2020
blood of Jesus Christ has already scartter all their evil plans

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