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This Is Unbelievable: 54-Year-Old Man Lures And Allegedly Defiles 5-Year-Old Girl For 100 Naira.

Joan101 06/24/2020

According to the relative of the girl the man lures the innocent 5-year-old girl to a toilet in the mosque where he defile the girl and gave her 100 naira afterwards.

Jimoh Kehinde who is aged 54 lives in Yaba area of Lagos where this incident took place.

According to report from the relative of the girl, Kehinde wanted to run away after the incident then he was arrested by the police.

According to report Keinde and the girl lives in the same area and Keinde normally patronises the girls grandmother.

After the incident when the girl got home and seen her condition she told the mother that Keinde peed on her and gave her 100 naira.

For God so kind the 100 naira Keinde gave the girl exposed the whole thing because the grandmother said Keinde don't normally pay when he buy things from her.

The grandmother now asked Keinde if the money he gave the girl was for some of the things he bought or just a gift to the girl but Keinde was left speechless and that makes the woman to become suspicious of the whole thing and he was arrested.

According to report he was initially taken to the local community leader where he escaped as the matter was been resolved.

Then he was chased by the community people and arrested then taken to Sabo police station.

According to the relative he has been detained and interrogated.

The family of the girl said the girl has been taken to woman at risk international foundation for test and assessment of damages done to her body.

In fear of levity, the relative of the parent told the police to treat the matter with absolute professionalism.

The relative of the parent said they are taken the matter to sexual violence desk of Lagos State to ensure justice is done.

Because enough is enough for this rape of a thing in the country.

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