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2023 Presidential Election: A Ticking Time Of Surprises To Nigeria

Goodie10 06/25/2020

Two thousand nineteen (2019) elections came and gone. President Buhari was reelected and President Buhari will be ruling for the next four years in which he has spent a year plus in the administration, unless the electoral tribunal cancels his tenure. I do not believe that's going to happen.

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Many Nigerians citizens wanted a change, but for the next four years, they committed themselves to this being the case. No significant changes will occur, such as the breakup of the Nigerian Government, the establishment of steady-state and local police forces to deal with the extreme security situation in the country, and the implementation of a robust economic policy that can turn the country's fortunes. Such improvements await another dictator.

In Nigeria, there has been one precise level of uncertainty now. It was a southern phenomenon a few years ago, but this monster has now reached the northern parts of the country with greater brutality. The current Government is responding to the security issue with the national federal police, not with the autonomous state and the local police. The definition of insanity is still doing the same thing and is expecting different results.

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Why is the 2023 presidential and parliamentary polls a time bomb that could cause massive disruption and yet another desire for freedom from areas that feel too neglected for too long? Olusegun Obasanjo was the President of Southwest Nigeria and President of Nigeria for eight years when the army government re-established its democracy in 1999. He was once the President of Nigeria during the military dictatorship.

Nigeria's northern part proclaimed it was his turn during President Obasanjo's term in office, and then control moved northwards, and President Yar'Adua won the presidency from the northwest political zone. Yar'Adua died in office, and Mr Goodluck Jonathan, his vice president of the South-South geographical area, completed his tenure and won a full four-year term. Power moved back north, with Gen. Buhari, a new president of the northwest geographic region, being elected for another four-year term in 2015. The vice president, Prof. Osinbanjo, is from the Geopolitical Zones in the South-West and serves as vice president for another four years.

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The next critical point is that of Bola Tinubu who is the political zone head of southwest, he does not only wants the presidency to move to south, which is fine but also wants the administration to be divided into the southwest region, which has held the Presidential seat for eight years (Olusegun Obasanjo), four years as vice president (Prof Yemi Osinbajo) and four years as another vice president (Prof Yemi Osinbajo). Furthermore, since the return to civilian rule in 1999, the Southeast, Northeast, and Middle-North political districts have not retained the presidency. Jonathan's six-year term, was not believed to be enough by the South-South.

Would those territories, which has never occupied the administrative seat, continue to be observers and watch with respect as the Government is shared between the northwest and southwest? I'm not sure. The two zones will argue liberalism is on the move. We will accept that the alliance needed to deliver the President would be formed by specific locations. Although this is so, if people believe like they have lost the concept of freedom and justice, they will respond very adversely. When people believe like they're not involved in it, they are apt to cause damage because they think they're missing nothing. This would be risky for Nigerians to play or marginalize a portion of the six geographical zones. The outcome will not help Nigeria, as it did not help when happened to Yugoslavia, Sudan etc.

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Some influential northerners now say control (power) needs to stay in the north. Power is more than likely not returning to the south, and it is highly unlikely that APC will locate its presidential candidate in the southwest. In the office of the President, the northerners will even use the southwest search to justify not moving the presidency south. You'll say an area that has held the presidency and vice-president for eight years can not hold that position at the moment. You generally agree that the presidency heads to the middle of the north. The unwritten power exchange between north and south would possibly spontaneously die in 2023. It will be discarded by the Northern part of Nigeria as a relic no longer needed.

When the rotation of north and south power dies, the north is likely to begin playing southeast against southwest for vice-president position. Successive northern candidates pick a southwest or southeast as a presidential candidate to boost their chance of winning the election, which is the only way, Northerners can retain power.

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It is worth noting that President Buhari had never believed in zoning. When other parties were busy splitting the presidential primaries into several regions, he contested as the President. Those who wants to take the transfer of authority seriously will regulate it by amending the constitution. As we learn, the Nigerian Alliance will be checked in 2023, and may not survive the aftermath.

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Top Comments
JonathanUkeh · 06/25/2020
There's no sin with out for give mess. If God can forgive us why can't we forgive one another. We should not live with the past.my point is about the south ern part of the country Nigeria.the south East and south west should forget the past and come to get her in 2023 . Remember what happened to Mr. Akiloye in NPN some other South West erners on the past at hand of Northerners as regards politics.
MohammedSuleiman_27 · 06/25/2020
By d grace of God Nigeria will survive all d storm n still stand as one.
+234-802330**** · 06/25/2020
Slaves that have chance to be free, would never like to remain slaves forever. There is a way you treat slaves you bought with your own money, that will force out the freedom force from inside of them. There's a limit to what humans can take or bear. This force when fully provoked has capacity to defy and withstand all kinds of armoury such as matchets, guns bombs etc. patience and silence doesn't always mean cowardice.
OdeyJoseph_02 · 06/25/2020
Baba Tinubu Sha Sha Sha shama on you. U were playing the Ostrick to subscribe to every thing your northern cohorts and cronies were telling you. 2day d 😈 advocate u played had failed.. NEMESIS is up against u.

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