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How To Know If You Were Blocked In Any Social Media

Austin-Nonso 06/24/2020

So how can you tell if someone has blocked you?

How to tell if you've been blocked on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

In this four social sites, listed above there's no definite way to tell if you've been muted so I will take turns in explaining. If you suspect you have been blocked in any social media site then read carefully before considering your next move.


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It says "FOLLOWING" right there in all caps and bright green, and there are all her/his posts right there for me in all their glory for me to see.

Here's what it looks like when you've been BLOCKED:

If you recently stop seeing photos of soneone you followed on your Instagram and you suspect you have being blocked

Ok then you search for him/her using your search button once you've found it, click on it, and you noticed that their is no follow up button then you have been blocked.


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If you think someone blocked you on Facebook and you want to find out. Think of a mutual friend both of you share on facebook when you have figured it out, search for the persons name in facebook. When your in his|her profile, search for the person you think blocked you on the mutual friend's list if you can't find it then you have been blocked. Another simple way is just to search for the person profile and check if your still friends.


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If someone blocks you, you can't see their status or profile picture anymore or even when they are online you won't notice. If you try to send them message, the tick line will only remain single and grey in color instead of double grey ticks that shows that the message have been delivered and two blue ticks that indicate read. Even though you try calling them, it won't connect.


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If you login to your account and type the person's twitter name or handle in the search bar. Then the person's profile will appear and you'll see follows you then I think you have not been blocked.

If their profile appears and says 'follow' even though you thought you already were following them, it means that you have being blocked.

If you hit 'follow' again, Twitter will tell you that you're still blocked and are unable to follow the account.

I hope You Where Educated. Thank u

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Et'zOlamideAdam · 06/24/2020
tell us how to unblock ourselves

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