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The Mystery Behind “Beauty With Brain”. What Is Beauty To You?

Tomguy'sblog 06/25/2020

So many persons see beauty in the human hair, We have often seen and heard about how ladies tend to go crazy about their long natural hair. Others see it in the colour of the eyes, while some see it in the texture of the voice(deep and masculine/soft and sonorous) or in the shape of the lips (pink succulent lips). 

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Most people see it in the way the body is shaped, curved (Figure 8), or moulded, especially in the female gender (you know what I mean).

“Being beautiful is a combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight”. Google’s Definition


What appeals to some persons is the colour of the skin, the melanin popping, and the bumper to bumper. Some see beauty as intelligence.

Some other people think every woman is Beautiful until they speak while some believe it has nothing to do with appearance but in the heart.

But then, we have heard the overused expression that says “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder“. Well, that is true because everyone has got their own perspective of it but the problem with that statement is the fact that beauty has been shaped to reflect the choice and preferences of the seer and not of the carrier.

 This has made people want to impress others at all costs, to want to blend, and bend to other’s definitions of beauty.

But the fact is, you need no one to affirm or confirm your beauty.

Moreover, your value does not decrease by someone’s inability to see your worth. Everyone is as beautiful as they see themselves, therefore be your own kind of beauty.

In conclusion, whatever kind of a beauty you are, whatever definition you and others have about your container of beauty, make sure it is accompanied by a huge indispensable content of intelligence and brilliance.

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