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Please note, as students resume school, these two schools won't be opened- Bashir Ahmad

HolyReligion 06/29/2020

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As we all know, it is no longer news that the Federal Government of Nigeria, after reviewing the 5th report submitted by members of the Presidential Task Force assigned by president Muhammadu Buhari, some particular set of students, and not all students were told to resume back to school.

This is coming because people and news media are already carrying rumour that all schools are to resume and all students are expected to be in school. It is not so and such news should be debunked.

The special assistant to the president on media and publicity, Bashir Ahmad has given the list of the two schools which are not to be opened during this lockdown easing extension.

He said, all secondary schools and all tertiary institutions, which comprises of universities, Polythecnics, Monothecnics, Colleges of education are not to be opened.

Only Primary 5 pupils, jss 3 and sss 3 pupils are expected to resume, in order to enable them write their final year exams.

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Top Comments
GUEST_kwxoJ6ZPw · 06/30/2020
What nonsense is this? Recommendation was Terminal Classes Pry 6, JS3 and SS 3, not Pry 5. For ur enlightenment, the terminal class for Primary School is Primary 6, and not 5. Anyone who goes to Secondary school from Pry 5 is a Primary School drop out. Except you lie about the age and give undue certificate to cover up in which case u are lier, a criminal and the certificate becomes fake.
StanleyEmeh_02 · 06/30/2020
No problem. Half bread is better than none. Thank you for the one you have done.
AdamsAshifa · 06/30/2020
when would this country grow?
AmakaOmalichaJ.Ezeh · 06/30/2020
you people are just stupid and useless. you said primary 6, Sss3 and jss3 to open so that they can write their final exam which of the school is going to open and which one is going to be closed. does it mean that some will open and write exam while some will closed. set of confused people

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