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7 practical ways of helping a dull child academically

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No child is a dullard, it all depends on how they are been treated and what they like doing and how they like doing it. Are you battling with a dull child and it's giving you tough time in you home? You may need to try out the following steps, knowing how well to treat a child can help boast the child's academic excellence:

1. Listen to his/her opinion: as far as I'm concerned no child is too dull to be successful, give your child opportunity to speak with you concerning his fear, how he feels about education, how he feels about the teacher and the teaching. Don't make the mistake of shutting a child down, most dull children are dull because they were made to believe they are dull and doesn't worth listening to, when you listen to a child and feel concerned about him, you may get to know where the problem is coming from and you will apply the possible solutions.

2. Try an entirely different method: when you notice that your child is not coping academically, you may need to try the method you've been using to teach such a child to a different style, this can even be a playful method and before you know it, such child will improve. Going through a routine learning or the same method always will soon become boring to a child, so you need to keep changing style until you get the one that finally suits such child.

3. Watch the child's diet: what has the child been eatchildren are in their growth and development season and what they eat really matters a lot because a child's meal contribute to the brain development, eating too much junks, oily food and too much carbohydrates may contribute to a child's dullness. Help your child, give them food that develop their brain such as: honey, cheese, egg, fruits and vegetables.

4. Rest and sleep routine: if you feel because a child is dull, you need to keep bombarding his head with learning then you may be getting it wrong. Some people will say "he's so dull, let me keep teaching him till he knows it" no, as much as the child needs to learn, he also needs a good resting and sleeping routine. Having enough rest and sleep help a child to develop his/her brain. Let your child rest and get enough sleep, a child should sleep nothing less than 8-10 hours in the night which actually depends on their age.

5. Focus more on his strength no matter how dull a child is, he will still be good at something, he may be good at drawing, dancing, music etc. Focusing on strengths can be difficult when there is so much your child struggles academically. Notwithstanding, focusing on your child's strengths is vital to healthy emotional and academic development and progress. Focusing on your child's strengths is another form of positive reinforcement that will motivate him to keep learning. Conversely, focusing on your child's weaknesses does nothing but cause discouragement, distress and a lack of desire to learn. Did Sam fail his math test? Well then, in addition to getting him a little extra help with his math, make sure to congratulate him for how well he's doing in music class.

6. Allow your child to have control of his life: When it comes to education, all some kids experience is control, control, control. When a child feels controlled, or out of control when it comes to their education, they often withdraw from learning. It's important to guide children through the learning process, but it's just as important to allow children to have control of their own learning experience. Whether at home, or in the classroom, provide children the ability to have direct input into their learning choices. A good way to do this is to provide children options. Allow a child to pick his extra curriculum without interference.

7. Positive confession: what you say about a child is very important to them, even if a child is dull, you don't have to keep hammering it into his hearing that he is dull, by doing this the child may relent and not learn since you keep saying he's dull, he will feel he should remain dull now. Pray for a child that is not doing well academically and encourage such child, don't cause more emotional trauma for the child by negative confession, always confess positive things into your kids and it will begin to manifest.

Keep putting more effort on a child that seems dull and before you know it, changes will begin to manifest.

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