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Npower registration: Is your Electoral Ward missing on the portal? This information is for you

Deshina 06/29/2020

The ongoing 2020 Npower batch c registration exercise cannot be said to be going on smoothly. Applicants have been going through several challenges while trying to participate in the registration exercise. For some, it is the problem of email confirmation, some persons middle names are missing at the review stage, some are finding it hard to upload their certificates, etc.

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In this article, I shall address the problem of missing Electoral Ward during registration. It is important to note that there are 774 local governments in Nigeria, and in each local government, there are Wards. One of the reasons why it is important to include one's Ward while registering for the ongoing Npower recruitment exercise is the fact that this will be used in posting every susseccful applicant. Though every applicant will surely submit his or her residential address, nevertheless, it is also important that an applicant submits his or her Electoral Ward. 

However, it is worrisome that some applicants are unable to find their Wards on the Npower portal. For example, some applicants from Kastina - Ala Local government in Benue state and some applicants from Ile-Oluji / Okeigbo local government in Ondo state, and some applicants from several Wards in Rivers state, etc, have been unable to proceed to the final stage of their registrations as a result of the missing Wards.

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 Evidently, the Npower management and its technical team are to be blamed for this difficulty, the technical team appears not to be ready for the millions of applicants who have been visiting the website since the commencement of the registration exercise.

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Frankly speaking, one needs to be very careful in handling this issue. Though nobody knows when exactly the registration will come to an end at the moment but registering very late may not be a good advise.

Thus, my advice for every applicant facing this problem is as follow:

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Firstly, if you notice that your Ward cannot be found on the portal you can as well choose the nearest Ward to your residential area, then continue with your registration.

Secondly, if you think the above advise is not good for you, then you can exercise patience till the Npower technical team update the portal. Hopefully, your Electoral Ward will be included on the portal after the update.

If you think you have any better suggestion as regards the missing Electoral Ward, please, do not hesitate to share with us. 

Your contributions to this article will be highly appreciated. 

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