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Why Nigerian Should Vote Against APC, PDP In 2023 And Adopt This Party To Rule Nigeria

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Political party is a platform designed by the group of people who have the same ideology to form a structure for the purpose of presenting candidate in the name of their party to attain a post.

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In Nigeria, we have different political parties which is more than thirty plus. But since 1999 only two out of those political parties have been ruling Nigeria. The political parties contains, PDP (people's democratic party) and AD(alliance for democracy) which was later changed to AC(action congress) from AC to ACN(action congress of Nigeria) from ACN to APC (all progressive congress).

PDP rules Nigeria for good sixteen years, from 1999 to 2015. They ruled with different types of corruption, embezzled Nigerian money, converted public properties to their own, empowered hooligans by giving them a political posts that supposed to be hold by technocrats.

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For instance, look at"Olusegun obasanjo". He ruled for good eight years under PDP platform. He converted public properties to his own, let's take "Obasanjo farms" as a case study, it was named operation feed the nation but was later converted to "Obasanjo farms" in Otta Ogun state.

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He Committed a lot of atrocities to gain third term agenda. Without knowing that only God can rule forever. It was so bad for Nigerians to the extent that they later decided that they must vote PDP out of power in 2015 to have a change.

Nigerian took another another paths in 2015 by votes for APC (all progressive congress) with the expectation of correcting all the errors and atrocities committed by PDP (people democratic party).

But unfortunately, Nigerian later find themselves in mess. Because all their expectations from APC later becomes failure.

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Because they forgot that PDP have taught APC the system of corruption. Immediately have their freedom, everything was started collapsing to the extent that every products was high and none of less privilege in Nigeria can not afford the price of the products. That was how APC started destroying Nigeria system of governance.

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Nigerian are now disappointed by the way APC is ruling Nigeria, it even worse than the PDP system. Because the rate of embezzlement, violence and killing of innocents are increasing everyday. PDP handover the government for APC without wasting any lives, while APC careless about wasting of lives, destroying of properties, jailing of innocent people to ensure their retainment on the seat of power.

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All the promises made by president "Muhammadu Buhari" while he was begging for vote in 2015 become failure. Look at how he was re-elected in 2019. Many people lost their lives and valuable properties were destroyed and nothing was done for those who behind the killings.

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Look at "Bola Ahmed "Tinubu" that those idiotic Politicians in southwest seen as an option for Nigeria in 2023, was also served as governor of Lagos State for good eight years and perfectly converted some of the public properties to his own property. He has also planted his boys in many states to generate incomes. Look at Oyo state during "Abiola Ajimobi" tenure in office. Tinubu was the owner of the company that was paying Oyo state workers salary.

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As a Nigerian who have interest in the better future of this great country. Let's ask ourselves questions, is there any different in the system of governance in both parties?

Are there any hope in the future of both parties?

Do we think they will move Nigeria to great level as we are dreaming?

My people, the answer will always be no.

Because these people can never change, even if they are die today, don't think you will be the one to rule this country. They have systematically planted their children inside those parties. Which means, we will only serving them from generation to generation till the end of our lives.

If you observe these people,you will see that they are the one running both parties affairs. If you see this one defects to PDP today, you will see him defects back to APC tomorrow. Just to remain in power for their own interest.

But the only way we can eradicate all the corruption they laid down for Nigerian is to choose among the old parties and form a team against these tyrannical people.

I have choose one party that has a good reputation through the founder of the party.

The party am talking about is SDP(Social Democratic Party). I choose this party because of the heroes have contested under this Party and won just like "Mko Abiola". These tyrannical people refused to handover government for him, because of their bloody aimed towards Nigeria citizen.

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So, I urge Nigerian to gather ourselves together under SDP(social democratic party) to restore Nigeria glory.

Because it is only Party that can restore Nigeria glory.

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