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Double threats to Chelsea's UEFA champions league qualification

Ehiedu 06/25/2020

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The threat to Chelsea's UEFA champions league qualification has doubled after the games played on Wednesday

Chelsea who are in fourth position ahead of Manchester united on the English premier league table, will be taking on Manchester city on Thursday at Stamford Bridge

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Manchester united defeated Sheffield united by 3-0 and Wolves defeated Bournemouth by 1-0 as both teams are now just two points away from Chelsea

Manchester united are in fifth position with 49 points, while Wolves are in sixth with the same points

Both clubs will be hoping that the Blues who are in fourth position with 51 points, drops point against Manchester city

If Chelsea losses the game against Manchester city, any further drop of point could send the Blues from fourth position to sixth position on the English premier league table which is out of the UEFA champions league qualification zone

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The first leg of the game between Chelsea and Manchester city ended 2-1 in favour of Manchester city at the Etihad stadium

Chelsea are going into the game with 4 wins and a draw in their last five matches and the Blues really need to get all three points against Manchester city who are in second position on the English premier league table

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Top Comments
+234-907993**** · 06/25/2020
You are truly a hater of Chelsea and a supporter of over pamper Man U by referees. First, It is not only Man U in d struggle for top four Wolves is also sitting on d same 49 points with Man U and they have stable team than Man U but they are not a darling of referees. You can brush them aside. Secondly, u have not commended or u were not concerned as Chelsea close d gap of more than 12 points between it and Leicester city to 3 points. We all know what d referees and VAR are capable of doing at this crucial period. Your club and it fans rely on d referees VAR to get results, but I will still say wait until d end of d season. Your wish for Chelsea is understood bcoz u sees Chelsea as a threat to ur club for UEFA qualification but unfortunately, ur club is not d only club pushing for top four but since u have seen Chelsea as ur main obstacle just as Chelsea is seeing Leicester city as their obstacle to be at 3rd position, u are welcome
VictorDeHappyone · 06/26/2020
up Chelsea well are ur instincts are all in vain Chelsea trash man City to to all man u fans
M.Key · 06/25/2020
Poor statistics.

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