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Put on your Trafficator is wrong, Put on your Indicator is right - Common Blunders Nigerians Make

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Nigerians make a lot of blunders in their quest to speak like the way they see actors speak in movies or the way high profiled individuals do. However, their desire to speak better often times makes them vulnerable to creating new words in English which don't exist and therefore cannot be use in constructing sentences like regular words. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Example of these common blunders have been highlighted for your perusal, Do well to go through them and see which of these you need to correct yourself on.

This word "Trafficate/Trafficator" doesn't exist in English, however Nigerians have over the years gotten away with the use of it. When the correct word is "Indicator", when it's on a vehicle. When you use your indicator, the verb is "to indicate". The word trafficate doesn't exist in English. Trafficator is an obsolete word, used to describe an obsolete device on the side of a motor vehicle. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The phrase "Reverse Back" is a blunder that's is so common that Nigerians don't not see the mistake there, The word Reverse already means; to change the direction, order, position, result, etc. of something to its opposite. So, if an object is in motion, it can be reversed. And when it is in reverse, it's surely coming back to it's initial position. No point adding Back to it. So it's either you say Reverse or Move Back/ Move Backwards.

This one is popular amongst motorists, police officers. The phrase "Plate Number"

Most Nigerians including traffic law enforcement agents use the word Plate Number, which is very wrong. The word Number is supposed to come before Plate. So, basically, it is called Number Plate and not the other way round.

When persons want to inform you about when they intend going to bed they say "I will sleep at 10 pm" (wrong), you don't sleep at 10pm. instead you could say "I will go to bed at 10 pm" (right)

This one is coming amongst Job Interviewers, they make statements like "what's your Working Experience"(wrong), this is improper instead it is proper to say "what's your Work Experience"(correct)

This statement should be common with anyone reading this, "The reason is because"(wrong); it's a NO No in English language instead you could say "The reason is that "(right)

Subject-verb Agreement: This refers to the use of is and are in various sentences not knowing whether or not the subject-Verb is in agreement or not .Example Mistake: The list of items are on the desk.

Tip: In the above sentence, the list of items is one singular list. Therefore, we should not use “are.” We should use “is.”

Correction: The list of items is on the desk.

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