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Fans say "Van dijk is better than Ramos" despite spectacular freekick

Kish-Baba2 06/24/2020

For the past three seasons in La Liga, Real Madrid have averaged 44 goals against.

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Ramos and Real Madrid fans claim he’s lining up alongside players who simply just can’t defend.

At some point, that's true, that could be seen in the 2018 World cup match against Portugal in Russia.

But also, these same players helped the Spanish giants to three back to back Champions Leagues, becoming the only club to achieve this feat in the Champions league era

Now if Los Blancos weren’t good in the defensive third, they surely would’ve been found out over a period of three years?

Looking at his disciplinary record. He’s been sent off 25 times during his career. A whopping 25. That's entirely reckless for a 'leader'

His clutch moments and big goals are always at the forefront of the discussions when Ramos’ name is mentioned just like his free kick goal against Mallorca

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In that sense, there are very few like him.

He delivers and it’s been invaluable for Real Madrid over the years. But that is a luxury, a really important one, and not one of the key arguments as to why he’s an all-time great.

No doubt it’s a positive trait to have, it shouldn’t muddy the waters when looking at him as a defender.

Of course, this Ramos debate turned to Virgil van Dijk. Why wouldn’t it? If you’re a Liverpool fan then your opinion is automatically bias and all you want to do is talk about the Dutch centre-back, apparently.

Before to the Champions League Victoria, Van Dijk couldn’t be considered as one of the best because he’d not won a trophy.

However, the fact Van Dijk is in the Ballon d’Or conversation shows he’s doing something different to all of the other centre-backs. Ramos, despite winning everything a player can win, was, not for once never in contention.

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Who is better, Ramos or Van Dijk?

Or perhaps, a different defender.

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Top Comments
+234-0816338**** · 06/24/2020
Ramos is de best central defender in de world . van dijk is overated
ObinnaJim-LewisDunu · 06/25/2020
van dijk is better than Ramos. sentiments aside. van dijk is a pure work of art in defence and his anticipation makes his defending look ordinary. he makes defending look easy yet so effective.
+260-097987**** · 06/25/2020
If Ramos was in Epl the media could have worship him..Is a complete and tough player
YøYïñ · 06/25/2020
who is van dijk where did he come from he cannot even say it himself

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