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“God Forbids A Woman From Checking Her Husband’s Phone” - Nigerian Man Writes

MegaMaster 06/24/2020

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A Nigerian Man, Bilyaminu Ladan Mada took to Facebook to share his thoughts about privacy in a Muslim marriage.

Bilyaminu stated that God forbids a woman from checking her husband’s phone, while he can check hers. He said the reason for this, is because the man is at liberty to marry more than one wife.

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He wrote;

Good Afternoon ladies and gents. Sorry, I just want to drop this here. For the Muslims, God the Almighty permit a man to marry up to 4 wives if he so wish and can do justice.

So dating a lady outside doesn’t mean/qualify that am cheating on my wife. For the fact that she is the only one at home shows that I can bring three more.

Cheating is when u are having extra marital affair pls. Ladies that feel their husbands are cheating on them because they are dating another girl aside having them as wives, my question to u is “is ur husband having 4 of u?”

Also note, it is forbidden for a wife to check her husband’s phone but very much allowed for a husband to search his wife’s phone.

The reason is “he is at liberty to marry more than a wife, so is possible he has a girlfriend and if the wife see their chat or messages, she will be hurt.

So to avoid violence, God forbids her from checking his phone. But for the husband, he can check her phone because she only belong to him and it is believe she does have any secret to hide from him in that phone that will hurt him. So pls lets understand.

See comments and reactions:

Dray Ajibola

As for me oo, I don’t see anything bad in my wife check up my phone, because I believe jealous is a normal thing where there’s love.

Egbara Emmanuel Orubebe

Be open in your relationship, temptation may come but be open my wife has access to my phone and even all my social media, most times all this secondary girls their hello use to bring debate but if u establish that trust u have no issues.

Azubuike Anthony

My wife is free to check my phone, after all it doesn’t have a password.

Holla Rucky

It is only if a man has something to hide that when he get upset when his wife touches his phone. My hubby have access to my phone so do I.

Kate Wilson

Me that use to be on my hubby’s phone each time he’s around, I check he’s phone and he equally does that to my phone.

We trust each other yes but we both have access to each other’s phone because he’s privacy is my privacy, he can’t hide anything away from me

And any day a man start hiding to receive call or change he’s password without telling he’s wife hmmmm I smear a side chick around 🙄🙄🙄

Asoya Alex

Apostle Paul at some point said the rest said I not God. When will these guys speak as themselves and stop calling God their filthy tongues?

Nneka John

Did you know that once a woman starts checking husband’s phone she starts dieing slowly, but the phone help us to know the latest.

Uchenna Akwuobi

Where did God tell you that? At mountain Kilimanjaro I guess.

Meanwhile this man has been looking at me since morning, I don’t know whether I'm wearing tear tear cloth.

King-Jay Sewuese

Assistant messiah sir which book, verse and number? but you have access to her inner thing abi? common phone no access.

My dear beautiful ladies any man that cannot let his phone in the living room as he want to use the toilet, also all this password, locking of phones, been streak baby don’t touch my phone, my phone is my phone.

Haha I tell you they is more to this man’s secret, he is a game planner, or a Hen looking for chicken. las las we gonna be alright all my ladies make your heart no go shift in the process of checking phone the man is not man enough for policing his phone.

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Top Comments
DennisOmorogbe · 06/24/2020
I dont have skeleton in my cupboard. the only thing my wife check in my phone is my account balance.must wives check their husbands phone?what the eye did not see will not affect the heart.
WorldbestTemmie · 06/25/2020
Even if God didn't forbid it ,I forbid it myself.checking your partner phone isn't a good idea at all it causes domestic violence.

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