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Senator (Dr.) Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe was to frustrate Saraki, not a perfect replacement

FindOut 06/24/2020

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Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe is a Nigerian medical doctor and politician. Oloriegbe graduated with MBBS degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Nigeria in 1985. He attended training programmes in Change Management, Advocacy, Facilitation Skills, Project Management, Health policy and systems analysis, Legislation, Leadership and an Executive Programme on Coaching and Consulting for Change at the Oxford University United Kingdom.

As a politician, he was the majority leader at the Kwara State House of Assembly between 1999 and 2003.  He contested in the 2011 general election, in which he lost to Sen. Bukola Saraki. In 2019, he contested for the Kwara Central Senatorial District seat, which he won against the incumbent Senate president of Nigeria. Sen. Bukola Saraki.

Dr. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe is the Chairman Health (secondary and tertiary) seconded by Sen. Betty Apiafi, and the Deputy chairman, Diaspora and NGO, which Sen. Surajudeen Bashir Heads. And ever since May 2019, the Kwara Central Senatorial Candidate at the federal house of assembly has only passed on two bills; MENTAL HEALTH AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE BILL and NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE COMMISSION BILL both in 2019.

During the era of Dr. Bukola Saraki, despite his mean and strong headed lifestyle, a lot of changes were made, challenges were rendered and in fact, his office made significant progress as the NASS president but the reverse is the case when it comes to Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe.

Since Oloriegbe came up to represent the constituency, he had made little or less impact on the life of the people he represents.

To start with:

i.                  Since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, little or less members of his constituency received token of his palliatives, which was quite insulting. Those that received cannot be proud of what were given to them because the token is not sufficient to solve a day problem not to talk of weeks, or even months.

ii.                As a senator, he is expected to help the governor in some aspects of the state with a restriction to the local governments under his constituency (Asa, Ilorin East, Ilorin South and Ilorin West).

iii.             Project facilitation: This aspect is important to the life of the citizens in the constituency that a senator represents and in fact, it’s a great relief to the state governor and the local government chairmen as well. But, I’ve seen nothing facilitated by my dear Senator, not even a well or borehole.

iv.             Education: This is seen as the bedrock of every nation that must have a greater future and lives forever. But, it seems Kwara is not so lucky with people with foresight towards educational development. “Well, things are always the same when people are blinded to the truth”.

v.                Road and Infrastructure: This is another aspect in which the senator is expected to help the state and his local governments but when it comes to Oloriegbe (Sen.), it’s always but. Maybe he’ll be lying against Corona Virus outbreak. Only God knows what he has in plan.

vi.             Health: As it was and as I am thinking about it, this field should have benefited a lot under the leadership of this senator – because this is his major field. Even, Senator Bukola Saraki realized the need for better health facilities even though a lot will be earmarked but little will be spent.

The reason I’m bringing all these up is to remind these people, the change they promised the Kwarans; the change that made all Kwarans sacrificed their time, belongs and even life to secure the power for them. Now, are they going to pay us with kindness, reward our dedication towards them triumphing or is the case going to be reversed? It’s up to them to decide. And I should add this, these people should think of a way to take Kwara to the Promised Land instead of fighting each other.

Long lives Nigeria……….

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Top Comments
MuritalaSaheed_02 · 06/24/2020
kwarans were fool by notorious Lagos APC national leader that gov abdulrasaki bought the slot of governor. kwarans compared Lagos development with Kwara state which was been managed by Saraki, APC national leader using Lagos revenue to manipulate his political extension of his political popularity.
GUEST_orx4XzzA5 · 06/25/2020
The writer of this article is bias against Dr Oloriegbe and I quess is Saraki sponsor writer how on earth can you fairly compare d achievement of person that spent 8 year with the person has just bearly spent one year. Even at that writer was blind folded to see the achievement of Dr Oloriegbe in just one year like the bills he presented to the upper house, facilitating of road at Alore ( Alore - Banni - Adadiyah Road) empower ment and providing employment for the people of his constituency.
+234-706315**** · 06/25/2020
Kwarans exchanged gold for gravels, senate presidency for a committee chairman, a charismatic and classy politician for a political greenhorn........you have made your choice.....Now enjoy it while it lasts
+234-703598**** · 06/25/2020
They have been given the opportunity to serve. If anyone of them do not live up to expectation , the people will decide.

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