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Lyrics Of "Letter To 2020" By Davido

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When Davido dropped "A Good Time" and had a good year, I'm sure he must have reckoned that dropping "A better time" would naturally equate to a better year. Unfortunately, nature doesn't care much for individual aspirations though, and her latest tantrum has certainly put Davido's ambitions in jeopardy.

The artist and label owner had hinted at a mid-year release for his highly anticipated sequel to last year's body of work aptly titled "A Better Time" and the artist started this year in spectacular fashion by dropping a short track titled "2020: Letter To You". 

The song is a laissez faire composition written in Davido's usual happy and 'unbothered' manner, as he himself says - "Ah ah I’m just having a good time…"

So this track was supposed to be the beginning of a massive year for Davido, much like his "If" and "Fall" year, when OBO was at the top of the entertainment pyramid. Sadly, the outbreak of Covid-19 is set to impact any subsequent move from the artist and there are already reports (unconfirmed) that the "Assurance" crooner is developing cold feet and is considering shifting the release date of his forthcoming album.

Whether true or not, the reasoning behind this move is understandable, the current economic climate is unfavorable for any forward venture and health concerns is likely to mitigate some factors like touring and shows. 

All these where unknown to Davido when he penned the lyrics to this song earlier thus year but like they say, "Hindsight is 20/20".

With the power of hindsight let's look back on the lyrics of "Letter to 2020" by Davido.

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Do you think Davido can still go on to have a good year? or Has the effect of Covid-19 destroyed his chances of really making waves this year? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

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Top Comments
GUEST_1OrweBP4o · 06/25/2020
you'll still make it this year
GUEST_1OrweBP4o · 06/25/2020
good one OBO
NemiRich · 06/28/2020
Nice one bro Keep it up U will still have a good time this year no matter what!!!!!! I love u to be my bøss OBO ride on in grace
Khabyr77 · 07/4/2020

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