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Liverpool v Crystal Palace: Premier League

Calispanky20 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. But a third goal would do it, you’d have to think, though everyone thought that at Selhurst Park six years ago. Mane, Firmino and Salah swarm across the front of the Palace box, and slip the ball wide to Henderson. There are options in the middle but Henderson’s chip is aimless and Firmino’s started shoving everyone anyway. Relief for Palace, who looked a little open for a second there. 9.22pm 21:22

47 min: Van Aanholt dribbles purposefully down the left, but is eventually forced to turn tail. Palace had a few men forward there, suggesting damage limitation is very much not on their mind. 9.20pm 21:20

45 min 25 sec: Liverpool should be three up. Robertson swings in low from the left. Sakho decides to let the ball go past, unaware Salah is hovering behind. But Salah had assumed the defender would clear, and so makes his move towards the ball too late. It sails past harmlessly, the chance to prod home from six yards gone. 9.19pm 21:19

Palace get the second half underway. No changes during the break. Liverpool will kick towards the Kop in this second half. “A Big Mac used to be called a Big Mäc in Germany, before the local form was driven out by globalisation, standardisation or tyranny.” The latest in höt umlaut chat there, courtesy of Jules Winnfield Andrew Goudie. 9.17pm 21:17

Half-time entertainment. In the latest episode of our new Forgotten Stories podcast, hear how Northern Ireland forward John Crossan was banned from the sport for life in 1959. 9.07pm 21:07

How John Crossan became football's most harshly treated player – podcast

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HALF TIME: Liverpool 2-0 Crystal Palace

Nothing much happens in added time, and there goes the whistle. This scoreline doesn’t flatter Liverpool; in fact they’ll wonder how they haven’t scored one or two more. They’ve hit the woodwork and certainly had the chances. Plenty of thinking for Roy Hodgson to do.

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