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Statistics Of Phil Jones And Virgil Van Dijk Showing Their Career Record

Tinowatt90 06/29/2020

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Phil Jones might look like he is a shadow of himself at old trafford, But trust me Phil Jones career records shows that he is far more better Virgil Van dijk. I am going to compare their career record to support my claim.

Phil Jones have recorded 69 clean sheet, one clean sheet more than Virgil Van dijk who have 68 clean sheet. Jones have also made 53 interceptions while Van dijk has 30 interceptions. Phil Jones have made a career record of 457 tackles while Van dijk have 213 tackles, which is half of Phil Jones record.

This smeans that Phil Jones have 73 percent Tackle success while Van dijk barley have 54.5 percent tackle success. Phil has 11 Last man tackle while Van dijk have Seven successful last man tackle. Virgil van dijk have 100 blocks while Phil Jones have 126 blocks. When it comes to headed clearances, Phil Jones have 790 while Van dijk have 655 heads clearances.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
DegreatmanNimiLawson · 06/29/2020
mr poster under how many matches were these statistics achieved lol you just decided to leave that detail alone man utd fans very funny losers
valentinoigwe · 06/29/2020
Jones better than van dijk, why dem no give Jones world best

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