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Want a Job or Side income? Earn over 50k monthly on Opera news hub by doing this

Bestboi 06/29/2020

Want a Job or side income? Earn over 50k on Opera news hub by doing this

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Have you been thinking of a way to augment your monthly income? Is your daily, weekly or monthly income not sufficient to foot your bills?

If you answer yes to this question then worry no more as I show you how to make over 50k monthly by being a content creator for Opera news hub. it's relatively easy and I'm a beneficiary of this opportunity. If I can make money on the platform you can too.

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It saddens me when I see school leavers, graduates, job seekers roaming the streets and going from one firm to another when they can actually work from the comfort of their home and earn a token amount of money.

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Despite my inconsistency, I have made over 100 thousand naira since January that I've been a writer for Opera news hub. The interesting thing about being a writer for Opera news hub is that you can write articles anytime you please and it doesn't affect your daily activities.

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This is not a scam article or a way to lure readers in other to get clicks but a way to inform those who haven't known how easy it might be to have a side income that pays well. All you need to be a writer on opera news hub is a smartphone or PC and data connection.

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Now let's get to the real deal.

You need to have a Facebook account and if you don't have them you should create one.

Registration is free!! You don't need to pay any fee before you start earning.

To register on opera news hub and start earning, click this link https://hub.opera.com/login?refer=KREXYYQ

I suggest you use Chrome browser to do the registration. it's advisable you choose a niche you have passion for e.g Entertainment, fashion and beauty, sports etc in order to make writing easier for you.

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You'll get paid on or before the 15th of every month for articles written for the previous month. You will be paid through your Opay account and if you don't have one, download the Opay app from Google play and link it to your opera news hub account.

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Moreso, don't forget to read the writing guidelines of Opera news hub in order to avoid your articles being rejected. Goodluck.

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Source: opera.com
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EzeUpah · 06/30/2020
I find it very useful and will take the cue. Thank you so much.
Faizon · 06/30/2020
Thanks for sharing your experience and accumulated earnings it is worth commending.
GoldenInfo · 06/29/2020
thanks for sharing your screenshots...you are very honest, i wish there are more people like you
NonehWilliam · 07/1/2020
i interested connect me

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