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We seized N16 billion cash from Hushpuppi and his gangs — Dubai Police

Mpakamighty 06/25/2020

It is no longer a news that Hushpuppi, an Instagram big boy has been arrested in Dubai, for multiple fraud.

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Hushpuppi in the past has been flaunting himself as a real state businessman, showing off his wealth and insulting celebrities for living fake lives, until he met his Waterloo and was exposed as a fraudster.

Hushpuppi was caught together with his partners. The video of there arrest has been released with an official statement.

The police in Dubai said on Thursday that they recovered over 150 million dirhams that is about N16 billion in cash during a coordinated raid on their apartments.

According to what Dubai police chief, Jamal Salem Al Jallaf told the city’s major daily. Ramon Abbas and Olalekan Ponle, widely known as Hushpuppi and Woodberry, respectively, and their alleged crew of 10 other Nigerians were the target of the June 10 operation tagged “Fox Hunt 2”.

According to the report, they did not only seize money, they seized 13 luxury cars also.

A video which has already circulated online by Dubai authorities said officers confiscated 21 computers, 47 mobile phones, 15 memory sticks and five hard disks containing 119,580 in alleged fraud files, and a total of 1,926,400 victims were said to have been targeted by the syndicate in a scheme that spanned several months.

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Do not envy anybody, you might just be living your best life at the moment, but you don't know. Comparing yourself to others kills your joy. You will ever believe Hushpuppi is a fraudster?

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malumecoolcat · 06/25/2020
it's going to be difficult for Nigerians to get VISA'S they making things difficult for themselves anyways throw this one in jail..

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