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Do You Know Listening To Music Cures Heart Related Diseases?

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It is said that music has a direct effect on our nervous system which allows our bodies to prepare for a good night's sleep. Listening to relaxingmusic before bed has been shown to have effects on our bodies such as falling to sleep faster, sleeping for longer and waking up less throughout the night.

 Music is a regular fixture in my daily life. I listen to music to keep me motivated while I exercise, to relax and distract me when I travel, and for a quick creativity boost when I’m writing. In my house i have music playing around the house all the time. I also use relaxing music to unwind before bed. Music is an especially effective part of my own Power Down Hour on nights when my brain is wired or I’m feeling tense. See thirteen health benefits of music below. 

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1.Slow breathing. 

2.Lower heart rate. 

3.Lower blood pressure. 

4.Quiet the nervous system. 

5.Ease muscle tension. 

6. Reduce stress and anxiety. 

7. Trigger the release of sleep-friendly hormones, including serotonin and oxytocin . 

8.Reduce sleep-stifling hormones like cortisol. 

9.Music can also stimulate the mind and the body. Energizing your body. 

10.Elevate heart rate. 

11.Promote physical stamina and endurance. 

12.Activate areas of the brain responsible for physical coordination, mental focus and attention, and creativity. 

13.Trigger the release of hormones, including dopamine and adrenaline, that boost alertness. 

List of some music that you may like to listen to, are listed below just for you. 

1. Only Time by Enya

Irish singer Enya is known for her angelic sounding songs and peaceful instrumentals. You’ll probably recognise this song all though you may not have known the name before. It has a soothing pace and Enya’s voice is soft and wispy, exactly like a lullaby.

2. I’m So Tiredby The Beatles

You may not be familiar with this Beatles number and it was said to have been written because of John Lennon’s suffering with insomnia. As the title suggests, the lyrics are mainly focused on not sleeping, but the tune and feel of the song are drowsy and delirious. It’s one of the Beatles hidden gems and is definitely one for the bedtime playlist.

3. Swansea by Bombay Bicycle Club

The waltz beat of this song gives it an otherworldly feel and, paired with lead singer Jack Steadman’s voice, proves for a beautiful bedtime song. The soft guitar and extended humming towards the end of the song make it a great tune to do breathing exercises and relax to.

4. I Went to Sleep by The Beach Boys

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