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Mercedes Maybach S650 price in Nigeria & car buying guide

Hulkprimce 06/29/2020

Mercedes Maybach S650 is a model of Mercedes Benz designed to provide exceptional and show of wealth. Sharing a part of the wonders of the airplane, its excessive lift and house in air regardless of its weight. Such thoughts of getting a rolling aircraft with first elegance reservations might have occupied Mercedes Benz to have inspired the production of the Mercedes Maybach S650.

The yr 2017 become whilst Mercedes Maybach S series got a facelift and brought the S650 as its flagship; this long sedan has severe luxury for pinnacle magnificence government clients and it become intended to compete with the likes ofBentley MulsanneandRolls Royce Phantom. The Mercedes logo continues this car in a higher function than its rivals for international locations like Nigeria; this logo stays a huge proposal for lots of human beings and proudly owning a Mercedes Maybach establishes luxurious at its top.

And today, Naijauto.Com will come up with a short evaluate over this top class automobile which was pushed by means of our President. Permit's test Mercedes Maybach S650 charges in Nigeria !

Who owns Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria?

There are without a doubt few Nigerians who would personal a completely high priced and costly car like the Mercedes Maybach S650. Few of the Nigerians who're owners of the much-deserved praised sedan are the following celebrities in Nigeria;

1. The u . S . A .'s number one guy within the individual of President Muhammadu Buhari who regardless of his age is decided to showcase his terrific flavor for luxury reliable vehicles.

The Mercedes-Maybach carried President Buhari in his Inauguration Day this yr

2. Ray Hushpuppy AKA Hushpuppy acquiring the Mercedes Maybach S650 for a whopping ₦71 million.

Right here comes the S650 of social media star Hushpuppi!

Costs of Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria

The Mercedes Maybach S650 charge in Nigeria so as to be featured on this section captures on the whole ultra-modern and overseas used cars for exceptional years; the segment for Nigerian used Mercedes Maybach does no longer encompass the S650 model. It truly is clean to recognize as costs of this vehicle stay some distance beyone the extent an average Naija can have enough money.

Contemporary fees of Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria

Model year fees 2017 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦a hundred and forty million - ₦185 million 2018 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦154 million - ₦198 million 2019 Mercedes Maybach S650 ₦a hundred and seventy million - ₦210 million

The charges for overseas used Mercedes Maybach S650 follows suit;

Mercedes Maybach S650 luxurious design

Mercedes Maybach S650 outdoors

An extended luxury sedan car that could skip as a Limousine; it has a chrome grille in front and chrome garnish. The power rear view that's foldable, smoke headlamps and adjustable headlight are a few amazing capabilities on the outside of the Maybach S650.

Facet view of the Mercedes Maybach S650

Mercedes Maybach S650 indoors

The sight of the govt leather-based seats welcomes the owner when beginning the long Maybach; it has a leather steerage wheel that is adjustable. The twin tone dashboard has controls for the air con and leisure structures. All of the seats are adjustable and the rear phase has a foldable table; the wood covers across the interior enhances it's luxury. The comfort in particular of the lower back seats is specific because it seems like one is in a fully ready room. The kind of area that permits you to stretch your legs and actually have a rub down at the same time as your driving force take you thru a actually speedy or slow cruise.

How might you feel while sitting inner such cabin?

You can even upgrade to a S650 Pullman to have this utmost luxurious & comfort

Mercedes Maybach S650 engine performance

Endowed with a 6.0L V12 dual turbocharged engine, the auto produces a pace of 621 horsepower making its widespread size appear weightless. Owning a rear-wheel pressure device, the Mercedes Maybach S650 can cope hopefully in any terrain and any whether or not or situations. It has driving assists which include an easy thrust hitting a velocity of 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, a power guidance that ensures an correct steer which is nearly devoid of experience. Similar to acquiring a high velocity in much less time and with less attempt, getting the auto to a stop also requires much less effort due to the fact the braking machine is exquisite.

Mercedes Maybach S650 engine

See how this lady evaluation the 2020 Mercedes-Maybach S650!

Wherein to buy Mercedes Maybach S650 in Nigeria

When going for something as complicated and complex as the Mercedes Maybach S650, it's miles very significance to take greater care when shopping for one. Make certain you operate authorised dealers in which you may be sure of some warranty. Mentioned below is a listing of some authorized dealers in Nigeria and their addresses;

Authorized sellers cope with & contactWeststar associates Ltd. Prince Samuel Adedoyin avenue, Off Lekki-Epe throughway, third Roundabout/Ikate-Lekki, Lagos/Nigeria

Tel: +234 809 999 8375

Marcobiz funding Nigeria zone C Block 2 store 126 Aspmda exchange fair Badagry express way Lagos, Ojo L.G.A., Lagos.

Tel: +234 803 516 1598

Bras cars Plot 15, Block ninety four, Lekki – Epe expressway, Lekki segment 1, Lagos

Tel: +234 1 7746666

Tetralog Nigeria restricted Plot eleven/thirteen Royal District format, Enugu-Port-Harcourt limited-access highway, Independence layout, Enugu, Enugu kingdom

Tel: +234 812 112 9910, +234 812 112 9901, +234 812 112 9905


Not unusual critiques of the Mercedes Maybach S650 express how incredible the consolation in this vehicle can get; many can inform that the speed is terrific and it has top riding resource which might be geared towards protection and consumer pride. When you simply get a actual feel of this monster, you may realize that the fee and satisfaction derived from obtaining this luxurious into your archive changed into really worth some distance more than every naira spent on it.

It's all approximately Mercedes Maybach S650 costs in Nigeria . If you can not have the funds for this luxurious car, do not worry. Click right right here to test luxurious automobiles for sale on Naijauto. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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